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Leading consumer brands trust Firstbeat in powering their heartbeat based products.
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Firstbeat’s unique analysis creates a digital model of the body’s physiology turning complex signals into user-friendly feedback. Millions of consumer products sold today have Firstbeat analysis engine inside.

When you wear a heart rate sensor, Firstbeat analyzes your heartbeat data and providing personal, meaningful feedback on exercise.

Real-time feedback helps to exercise effectively. Just exercise freely as you like see the result already on real-time. Continue and stop when satisfied with the result.

Analyzed by Firstbeat Engine

To be able to provide meaningful feedback on exercise, it is required to know what is actually happening within the body.
Firstbeat engine analyzes heartbeat data and forms a complete digital model of user physiology.

Firstbeat engine  for digitized physiology

Firstbeat engine tracks accurately several essential physiological functions by analyzing heart beat data.

Having all this physiological information, we know how your body is actually doing and are able to provide personal feedback

      Fitness level VO2max detection Training Effect Analysis
      Exercise load quantification Recovery and body readiness for exercise
      Energy expenditure Automated personal level calibration

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