What does Firstbeat bring into your training?

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No more guesswork. Firstbeat analytics will coach you and adjust to your training on the go bringing meaningful insight to your training.

How it works?

Firstbeat creates a digital replicate of your physiology based on a heartbeat signal, analyzes how your body is actually working and offers user-friendly feedback personalized to you. Firstbeat’s unique technology is based on physiological research and advanced heart rate variability (HRV) modelling.

Check your fitness level anytime

See your actual progress instantly after each workout. Firstbeat analytics detects your fitness level (VO2max, maximal oxygen uptake) automatically from any freely run workout. No separate tests of maximal efforts required –just focus on your training and see your fitness develop.

VO2max is the golden standard measure for aerobic fitness level and can be displayed for example as VO2max number, age and gender based classification or be used for race time predictions.

How it works?

Firstbeat detects VO2max from any freely performed running or cycling workout based on the heart rate response and external workload. Estimation is very accurate: 95% when compared to VO2max lab test. Accuracy is gained by automatically filtering in good quality and reliable data to perform the VO2max estimate.

Estimation is available for running based on running speed (GPS, foot pod) and for cycling based on power meter watt data.

Below are two examples of the fitness level feedback. From the feedback you can:

  • Check your fitness level (ml/kg/min)
  • See how your fitness improves over time
  • Compare your result with age and gender reference
  • Get different race time prediction (e.g. marathon race time) based on your fitness level.

Example illustrations on fitness level feedback.

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Training Effect Guides you for Effective Exercise

The Firstbeat Training Effect visualizes how effective your workout really is.

Simply start your workout, exercise freely as you like and see the Training Effect increase.

Training Effect is personalized to your fitness level and helps you to plan a good mixture of easy and hard workouts. It ensures you are developing while helps you avoid overtraining.

How it works?

Workout effect on fitness depends on the intensity and the duration of the activity as well as your individual fitness level.

Training Effect is calculated based on user profile and the difficulty of the workout (peak EPOC reached).

Training Effect measures specifically the effect of exercise to aerobic fitness and adapts to your fitness level as you train.

Training Effect has five levels (1-5). It accumulates during the workout, starting from level 1.0. As the workout progresses successfully, the TE value increases, telling you how the workout improves your fitness.

Training Effect
1.0-1.9 Easy This is an easy workout for you
2.0-2.9 Maintaining workout This workout helps to keep you fit
3.0-3.9 Improving fitness This intensive exercise improved your fitness
4.0-4.9 Highly improving Substantial effect on your fitness
5.0 Overreaching (too much!) Very hard exercise, rest required

Read more on the science behind the TE

Energy expenditure (kcal) BASED ON HEARTBEAT DATA

Tracking calories burned is an easy and popular way to gauge different workouts and activities.

Firstbeat estimates energy expenditure very accurately from heartbeat data. Advanced physiology based modelling allows accurate and personalized estimation of different exercise and daily life 24/7.

How it works?

Firstbeat’s energy expenditure algorithm is accurate during all phases of exercise – from rest to maximal intensity and during varying intensity exercise. High accuracy is achieved by modelling respiration rate, heart rate and VO2 dynamics (on/off responses).

The algorithm utilizes measurement history, and thus, the accuracy improves with more measurements personalized to user’s fitness level.

Empirically validated (error 5-7%).

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Recovery Advisor: Are you ready for your next exercise?

We all appreciate hard workouts to improve fitness, but to bounce back higher, we also need to allow the body a rest in between. Finding the balance between high training load and recovery has a key role in improving fitness.

The Firstbeat Recovery advisor shows the time your body needs to recover before your next exercise. Because the recovery from workout can be very different for different person and even with same person in different situations, it is very important to determine the body's readiness to exercise in the beginning of each exercise session. A recovery check is automatically performed at warm-up to ensure body’s daily readiness to new workout.

Based on the recovery advisor, you are able to adjust your workout and maximize the benefits from all your hard work.

Recovery advisor includes:

Recovery time after exercise

  • Tracks personal cumulative body loading during a workout and daily response to exercise to gauge estimated required recovery time to train again.

Warm-up readiness check

  • Tracks daily performance and indicates whether body is able to respond to training well today.
  • Warm-up readiness check available for running / cycling only.

How it works?

In addition of gauging the difficulty of the workout based on EPOC and Training Effect, recovery advisor monitors your body’s daily physiological response to exercise.

Available for all aerobic exercises, most detailed information available for running when running speed is available or for cycling with power (watts).

Coaching advice

Firstbeat coaching engine provides you always up to date advice on when, how much and how long to exercise. Advice is is personally tailored to your fitness level and training data. It will guide you to train safely but effectively.

Advice may include next workout recommendation or a complete longer term dynamic training program.

How it works?

Firstbeat engine tracks user fitness and training data in the background to prescribe optimal training load. By automatically detecting user workout patterns it is possible to adjusts each recommended workout accordingly.

Automated personalization

Firstbeat engine learns from you based on your exercises and personalizes the calculation accordingly. Personalization is done based on the fitness level estimate, training history and heart rate limits. The more we learn abour your body, the more accurate analysis we can provide.

How it works?

To be able to provide accurate analysis of different heart beat based metrics, we need to know the users general activity level. Firstbeat engine can estimate this based on the fitness level and/or training history. Fitness level can be analyzed from any running exercise where speed is available or cycling exercise where cycling power is available. Once the library receives a fitness level estimation and/or training history is available, profile background parameters are automatically adjusted.  

Firstbeat can also detect new maximal and minimum heart rate from the measurement data. New values can be updated to users profile background settings.


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