Firstbeat is a part of the Working Life 2020 project of which main objective is to develop Finnish working life to be the best in Europe during the next six years. The project is based on a thought that the biggest competitive edge of Finnish working life are new, well-functioning and result making companies that create new jobs. The project gathers means to further develop the working life and provides the companies with tools and support in making changes.

We at Firstbeat believe that occupational well-being is based on individual well-being both at work and during leisure time. Small changes in lifestyle result in improved well-being and performance at work. Firstbeat’s mission is to build better well-being at work by preventing illness and to enable good performance.

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Garmin has released two new multisport GPS watches, fēnix 3 and epix.

The fēnix 3 includes advanced training and navigation features and is applicable for example in running, cycling, swimming and skiing.

The Firstbeat features in fēnix 3 provide the user with comprehensive information on their training and fitness level:

  • Energy Expenditure: The calories burned during exercise
  • Training Effect: The effectiveness of your work-out visualized
  • Automated Adaptation: Automated adaptation to the user’s fitness level and training history
  • VOmax Automated Fitness Test (running or cycling): Your actual progress after each applicable workout
  • Recovery Advisor: Recovery time recommendation after workout & recovery check during the first minutes of the exercise
  • The device records R-R data and is therefore compatible with the Firstbeat ATHLETE software
Garmin fenix 3 multisport gps watch

Epix combines the broad variety of training features of a multisport watch and advanced navigation with maps and a color touchscreen. 

Garmin epix includes the following Firstbeat features (see the descriptions above):

Garmin epix multisport gps watch
  • Energy Expenditure
  • Training Effect
  • VOmax Automated Fitness Test (running)
  • Recovery Advisor
  • The device records R-R data 
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Firstbeat is looking for a skilled and enthusiastic UX Designer to develop the user experience of consumer fitness products, wellness services and professional sports solutions. Read more about the position and send your application by Jan 16th.

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Healthy Lifestyle is Crucial in Shift Work

Shift work, night shifts and irregular working hours can represent significant health risks for employees. Sleep deprivation and sleeping disorders are common risk factors in shift workers (Härmä & Sallinen 2008.) Shift workers for example tend to get into more … Continue reading 

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Firstbeat on the Road: My Travel Log

I recently spent almost 2 weeks travelling in the US, meeting Firstbeat’s partners, providing Lifestyle Assessment feedback and attending a seminar. Here are a few notes from the road: 1) Travelling across the world is tough! This is hardly news … Continue reading 

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Searching for Adequate Goals

A test or a measurement itself does not make you healthy. The measurement results are like a map that shows where you stand in terms of well-being. Lifestyle Assessment results are presented as a report that illustrates the participant’s well-being … Continue reading 

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