Now you can easily track your fitness level! All you need to do is focus on running.

PEAR Sports heart rate monitor with Firstbeat calculated VO2 Max detects oxygen uptake of your body at maximal effort. VO2 Max is considered as a standard measurement of aerobic fitness level. If you have a certain goal in mind, it is an effective measure to follow your fitness progress. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this cutting-edge technology makes training a whole new experience.

Fitness number Your current VO2 Max fitness number indicates your aerobic fitness level and following your improvement is easy.

PEAR Sports Training System app You get information about your current fitness level and personalized real-time coaching to reach your running goals. The app motivates you to reach for the next goal with easy-to-follow guidance.

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HR4, a company specialized in staff and customer experiences, wanted to support its employees' well-being at work. In September 2014, Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment was offered to the staff in order to receive information about recovery and balance between working life, well-being and leisure. After the measurement, the results showed too little recovery during workdays. Hence, HR4 organized e.g. group discussions to share participants' experiences and disscuss about means to improve recovery. Additionally, the company encourages employees to join sports activities during workdays to boost well-being.

“Testing Lifestyle Assessment was looked forward among the employees. The entire staff was excited about the measurement as they got to test our own service”, says Kati Tuovinen from HR4.

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The executive Team of City of Helsinki Sports Department has participated in the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment three times and wants to continue participating annually. The team wanted to emphasize well-being of the employees and take preventive actions against exhaustion. Lifestyle Assessment was experienced as simple and affordable solution to provide valuable personal information on everyday coping. Especially the importance of recovery during sleep and breaks during workdays came up in the measurements. 

“The personnel has appreciated that they were given the opportunity to have the measurement and they are genuinely taken care of. This brought a special meaning to the measurement. Personal test results are taken seriously”, Rauramo tells.

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