"Firstbeat SPORTS stood out because not only did it have the real time monitoring component but it also had the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) piece built into the system. The HRV recovery monitoring was a critical aspect that I wanted to be a part of our system", Coach Marovich explains why they chose Firstbeat.

Welcome to the Firstbeat team Valparaiso Women's Soccer!

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suunto ambit3 run firstbeat features

Now they are here, new powered by Firstbeat features for Suunto Ambit3 Run, Sport and Peak! Improve your performance as well as recovery with the new Suunto devices designed specifically for runners, multiathletes and adventurers. The new features are available for Suunto Ambit3 Run, Ambit3 Sport and Ambit3 Peak models through a software update.

Firstbeat Insight with Suunto: Designed for Your Progress

Optimize your performance, check your recovery The Ambit3 GPS watches provide accurate speed, pace and distance and, with the Suunto Smart Sensor, let you train within your ideal heart rate zones. The Ambit3 GPS watches offer specialized features for running, cycling and swimming.

Follow your running performance Running performance level analyzes your heart rate and speed while you run, giving you real-time feedback about your current performance compared to your average running performance. After the run, evaluate your performance development with a 30-day trend graph. 

Know your recovery status Run a Quick Recovery Test to check your recovery state in just a few minutes. The cumulative percentage score indicates your overall state of recovery. The Sleep Recovery Test reveals how well you recovered during your sleep and your state of recovery when you wake up.

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Firstbeat is participating in the Wearable Technologies Conference on July 9-10 in San Francisco, CA. The event will present the whole wearable technology ecosystem.

Firstbeat's Director of Consumer Technologies, Aki Pulkkinen, is giving a demo pitch on heartbeat analytics for a looking glass to your body. Pulkkinen's pitch will take place on the afternoon of the first seminar day, July 9th. 

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