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Published 2015-4-21

Installation package Firstbeat SPORTS Team 4.6

This package installs full version of Firstbeat SPORTS Team 4.6. By clicking the link above you can install or download the package.

Update package Firstbeat SPORTS Team 4.6

This package updates Firstbeat SPORTS Individual to version 4.6. By clicking the link above you can update or download the package.

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Published 2015-4-21

Installation package Firstbeat SPORTS Individual 4.6

This package installs full version of Firstbeat SPORTS Individual 4.5. By clicking the link above you can install or download the package.

Update package Firstbeat SPORTS Individual 4.6

This package updates Firstbeat SPORTS to version 4.6. By clicking the link above you can update or download the package.

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Release notes Firstbeat SPORTS  (Individual and Team) version 4.6

Firstbeat Technologies Ltd.
All rights reserved
Firstbeat SPORTS
Version 4.6 (Fmlib

Software description
Firstbeat SPORTS is software for PC computers developed and owned by
Firstbeat Technologies Ltd. It is designed for professional sport for monitoring
training load and recovery and for fitness testing.

The analysis in Firstbeat SPORTS are based on heart rate and heart rate
variability and therefore are on not suitable for people with cardiac pacemaker,
difficult heart disease or whose function of autonomic nervous system is
disturbed. In addition to RR-I recorded HR data Firstbeat SPORTS requires certain
personal attributes such as gender, age and weight to run the analysis.

Software and hardware requirements
- Operates in Windows 8, 7, Vista
- RAM at least 512 MB
- Processor atleast 1 GHz
- Minimum of 50 MB of free hard disk drive space
- Screen resolution at least 1024x768 and 16-bit colors
- Software: Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later
- Compatible measurement devices: Firstbeat Bodyguard, Firstbeat Bodyguard 2, Firstbeat Team Receiver,
  Suunto t6d, Suunto Memory Belt, Suunto PC POD, Suunto Team POD, Garmin Forerunner 610,
  Garmin Forerunner 910XT, Polar RS800, RS800CX, Polar S810 and Polar CS600.
- Compatible devices via Suunto Movescount: Suunto Ambit and Ambit 2.

Hardware requirements listed here are the minimum requirements. Faster processor
and more RAM make analysis and report generation much faster.

Firstbeat SPORTS saves analysis results into a database. Over time while many analysis
are done, the database may become very big. 1000 hours of analyzed HR data takes about
250 MB of hard disk drive space.

Software installation

The software is installed by running the installation package. Follow onscreen
instructions to complete the installation procedure.

After the installation is complete, the program may be started from
Start -> Programs -> Firstbeat -> Firstbeat SPORTS.

During the first use, the program asks for activation. Follow onscreen instructions to
complete the activation procedure.

Using the program as normal user (without administrator privileges)

If the program is used by users who do not have administrator privileges, they must have
read and write rights to the installation directory and to all of it's sub folders.
(Typically C:\Program Files\Firstbeat\Firstbeat SPORTS)

Changes and new features in SPORTS 4.6
* Support for new Firstbeat textile belts memory feature (BM-CSP8EU/US)

* New Firmware version 1.9 for Firstbeat Team Receivers (RTX4EU/US)
    - Improves communication between Firstbeat Team receiver and computer.
* Bug corrections:
    - Movescount loading problems fixed
    - Add new devices automatically during monitor session problem fixed
    - Support for 8-digit belt ID
    - Multidata export problems fixed

Changes and new features in SPORTS 4.5
*Support for new Firstbeat textile belts (BM-CSP8EU/US)
*Improvements for the Quick recovery test
    - New default limits for the Quick recovery test
    - Scaled QRT score added to the measurement list
    - Possibility to add measurement type for the quick recovery test after the test

* New variables in measurement list
    - Min HR and Scaled QRT score added to the measurements list

* Measurements can be filtered in the lists based on measurement type (Exercise, Night, QRT) in:
    - Multidata export
    - Group report tool
    - Fitness test report creation tool

* Receive measurements via e-mails and send measurement via e-mail features removed

* Reports
    - Reports in Portuguese
    - Language correction for German reports

* New variables in Multidata and data exports
    - Scaled QRT score added to the Multidata export
    - Speed vector (m/s) added to the Data export tool

*Bug corrections:
    - Reanalysis after changing the background information, fixed
    - Lost belt pairing problem in the Monitor, fixed

Changes and new features in SPORTS 4.4
    * Activation process is made easier
        - New activation dialog and instructions for online activation
        - New activation dialogs and instructions for offline activation

    * New features in measurements view
        - HR and EPOC chart is now Measurement chart
        - Training zones (Endurance training classification) chart is now under the measurement chart and includes times in zones information also.
        - New Training load follow-up chart which combines EPOC and Time in zones charts and includes also TRIMP.
        - New Recovery follow-up chart with possibility to select Quick recovery tests or Overnight recovery tests to the chart.
        - New VO2max follow-up chart which enables to follow-up fitness test results of all fitness tests.
        - Measurement information editing is made easier and faster.
        - Button for changing measurements view chart size.
    * New Firstbeat fitness test (Running)
        - Software automatically creates Firstbeat fitness test from all the running measurements which includes speed and altitude data
        - Automatic running measurement recognition
    * New features in Training monitor
        - Support for new Firstbeat Team Receiver and Medium range dongle
        - Variable selection from the training monitor start dialog is removed.
        - Possibility to select specific group for training monitor session
        - Minimize/Resize training monitor session to taskbar
        - Possibility to filter groups during the training monitor session
        - Automatic data backup during the training monitor
        - Possibility to select TRIMP to bars view
        - Support for two belt ID’s for one profile.
    * New features in Data uploading
        - Possibility to load measurements from selected time period from Movescount
    * New features in report creation tool
        - Possibility to create individual reports from many profiles without changing profile selection
        - Possibility to send created individual reports to profiles’ email addresses
        - Possibility to send all the reports to the specified email address (One e-mail message)
        - Possibility create report from the selected lap(s)
    * New features in SPORTS Cloud sync
        - Cloud sync will transfer all the measurement information to the server including measurement type and notes.

    * Improvements to e-mail features
        - Google Gmail accounts can be used to send and receive measurements directly from SPORTS.
        - Instructions for setting up the e-mail feature with G-mail settings can be found from the user guide.

Changes and new features in SPORTS 4.3

    * Speed improvements.
    * New unit for training classification limits (bpm) and customizable colors for limits.
    * Sync tool improvements.
    * Synching with Suunto Movescount.
    * Training Monitor: Complete user interface overhaul and some other minor improvements.
    * Improvements to lap marking: Improved lap time selection and each lap can now be added with note.
    * Logo changes and some user interface improvements.
    * Improved analysis with new Fmlib
    * Daily stress follow-up chart is replaced with distribution of energy sources.
    * New import summary after import.
    * Add pace into viewable variables in main view.
    * Option to disable tooltip in main view.


Problem(s): The program can not be used without administrator privileges.
            Windows gives error message 'Firstbeat SPORTS.exe' has encountered a
            problem and needs to close...".

Solution:   See above 'Using the program as normal user'.

Problem(s): Firstbeat Bogyguard driver install shows error message 'The software
            you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing...'

Solution:   The warning can be safely ignored and you are to choose 'Continue anyway'
            to complete the driver installation.

Problem(s): Firstbeat SPORTS gives error message 'device not found' for Suunto devices
            or for Firstbeat team reciver.

Solution:   Check if the computer is 32bit or 64bit windows. For 64bit windows, please
            install appropriate drivers manually from
            C:\Program files\Firstbeat\Firstbeat SPORTS\Drivers.