Lifestyle Assessment Release Oct 30th

Lifestyle Assessment update was performed October 30th. We made several improvements and added new features.

We have completed New Lifestyle Assessment with Group Assessment Features
Now available is the familiar feature with clearer and improved version where you can execute group analysis and create group reports. You can execute both individual and group reports which summarize key group results and conclusions into a clear report. The report is suitable especially for corporate and HR management as a summary of the executed project, and it can be utilized for various other groups as well. You can write follow-up recommendations for the group and examine the changes occurring in follow-up measurements. You will find this report under the New Lifestyle Assessment group feature’s group reports.


Goals page has been updated
Lifestyle Assessment goals pages’ classification has been improved and objectives have been updated.

Other user-friendly improvements
We made your user experience again a little better. We have improved specialist’s own analysis making and clarified the view on choosing the analysis of an existing customer.

Read more about the updates during the year from New features in Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment page.

Watch the video below introducing you to the new features added in the latest release.