Real-Time Performance Condition

See how you are doing and gain insight along the way.

Real-Time Performance Condition - Firstbeat Feature

What is it?

Every athlete has good days and off days. Why isn’t always clear. Runners and Cyclists can now gain insight into this phenomenon thanks to a continuous real-time analysis of their current performance condition. Feedback allows performances to be seen and evaluated relative to your baseline VO2max. This assessment allows you to see changes in your performance level as they happen and can help identify affecting factors along the way. You can monitor the onset of fatigue and assess the impact it has on your performance as it builds. This is especially valuable for endurance activities and for determining an ideal pacing strategy for race day.

Key Benefits:

  • Granular feedback on your daily performance
  • Trend evaluation reveals insight for improvement
  • Objective perspective on the dynamic impact of fatigue
  • Ability to use data to adapt your plans on the fly

How it works:

Firstbeat reveals your Real-time Performance level using the same analytic tools and methods used to detect your VO2max fitness level. This means the calculation is based on a combination of personal background information, internal and external workload data, and special guidance from the Firstbeat analytics engine. In practical terms, in addition to heartbeat data obtained from a paired chest-belt, runners will need access to movement speed from their GPS and cyclists will need to have a power meter attached to their bike and paired with the device.

The key differences between the analysis used to provide your Performance Condition and the one used to detect your VO2max fitness level is the set of constraining parameters Firstbeat uses to best fit the results of a classic exhaustive incremental intensity VO2max laboratory test. Removing these parameters unlocks insight into how your current work-to-effort ratios compare to your baseline each moment along the way. As a result, indications that you are regularly performing above your baseline may be a signal that an improvement in your VO2max score is right around the corner.

See changes in your performance level as they happen and identify affecting factors along the way.