Garmin Edge 830


Edge 830

GPS cycling computer with advanced performance analytics for maximum personal insight

Released April, 2019

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Firstbeat features (14)

  • VO2max Fitness Level

    Your true fitness level and key to personalized training guidance.

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  • Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

    See power output above which fatigue will build rapidly and plan accordingly.

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  • Training Effect: Aerobic

    Reveal the physiological impact of your activities to find the perfect training for you.

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  • Training Effect: Anaerobic

    Unlock the secrets of top-performance in activities with high-intensity demands.

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  • Real-Time Performance Condition

    See how you are doing and gain insight along the way.

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  • Calories Burned

    Accurate calorie counts for daily life, top performance, and everything in between.

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  • Training Load

    Keep track of the physiological impact of all your training activities over time.

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  • Training Status

    A groundbreaking approach to training effectiveness evaluation.

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  • Training Load Balance

    Guide training efforts to build a strong foundation and focus for success.

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  • Workout Labels

    Connect workouts with their primary benefits and performances impacted.

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  • Recovery Time Advisor

    Ensure adequate recovery to reap the full reward of your efforts.

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  • Quick Stress Level Test

    Gain access to the level of physiological stress in your body.

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  • Heat and Altitude Acclimatization

    Monitor progress as you adapt to perform better in demanding environments.

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  • Respiration Rate

    Keep track of your breathing during activities.

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The Garmin Edge 830 is an advanced cycling computer designed to help you push yourself to your limits and achieve your goals regardless of environment and conditions. New features and insights available on the Edge 830 powered by Firstbeat help you take control of your riding experience and better manage your training during rides and between them. Based on the latest sports and exercise science, advanced performance analytics guide your training efforts in the right direction and give you the confidence you need to stay the course.

The Garmin Edge 830 is one of the first devices to feature Firstbeat’s 6th generation VO2max detection analytics. For the first time, the effects of heat, humidity, and altitude are introduced to the picture and used to better interpret performance data. You can also monitor progress with feedback as your body acclimates and adapts in ways that benefit performance in your new, more challenging environment.

In recent years, Training Load and Training Status have become signature insights from Garmin’s top fitness and outdoor products. Together these features allow you to keep tabs on the physiological impact of your activities and provide feedback by interpreting that load in light of changes and trends in your cardiorespiratory fitness level (VO2max).

The Garmin Edge 830 introduces Training Load and Training Status to a new range of cycling enthusiasts and builds on them with all-new Workout Labeling and Training Load Focus analysis features.

A new Workout Label is displayed on the activity summary screen after each ride you record. This short, descriptive label reveals the primary benefit of your completed workout in terms of how it supported or developed a specific aspect of your performance capacity. You can instantly know when a workout helped stimulate and promote Recovery or enhanced your endurance Base. Tempo rides are recognized along with those that primarily focus on improving your Lactate Threshold and developing your VO2max. Workouts built exclusively on sprints and bursts of high-intensity work mixed with recovery are identified based on their influence on Anaerobic performance capacity and developing Speed.

You will also be able to see for the first time how each ride contributes to your overall Training Load in addition to the primary benefit Workout Label and Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Effect feedback.

Training Load Focus offers powerful new insight designed to help you guide your efforts in increasingly smarter ways. It gives you the ability to look below the surface of your activities to understand how they were produced. As a result, you can ensure that your efforts are sufficiently diverse to produce a strong, well-balanced foundation for the future.

Three physiologically meaningful types of effort (high-intensity aerobic, low-intensity aerobic, and anaerobic) are recognized in real time during your activities and are quantified in terms of their contribution to your total Training Load.

When your Training Load is optimal and balanced, it means that you are well on your way towards better fitness, performance capacity, and prepared for whatever comes next. Once your foundation is secure, you can confidently turn your focus toward the specific efforts that align with your personal performance goals.

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