Garmin Fenix 3


Fenix 3

The popular fēnix 3 gains new functionality with the addition of Garmin’s Elevate wrist-based heart rate monitoring capability for broader appeal for users no matter if they’re hitting the trails or the boardroom.

Released January, 2015

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Fēnix 3 is packed with training features to improve users’ form and fitness. When paired with a heart rate monitor, fēnix 3 can estimate VO2max to evaluate the user’s fitness level, and based on this calculation, predict race times. Fēnix 3 can also calculate recovery time and perform a recovery check after intense workouts, so users know how long to rest before their next hard workout to prevent injury. When paired with HRM-Run™, fēnix 3 reports advanced running dynamics, which includes cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time to improve running economy.

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