MARQ Collection

Premium design and craftsmanship with performance features to match.

Released March, 2019

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Firstbeat features (18)

  • VO2max Fitness Level

    Your true fitness level and key to personalized training guidance.

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  • Training Effect: Aerobic

    Reveal the physiological impact of your activities to find the perfect training for you.

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  • Training Effect: Anaerobic

    Unlock the secrets of top-performance in activities with high-intensity demands.

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  • Training Load

    Keep track of the physiological impact of all your training activities over time.

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  • Training Status

    A groundbreaking approach to training effectiveness evaluation.

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  • Lactate Threshold

    Your ultimate guide to endurance training and personalized training zones.

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  • Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

    See power output above which fatigue will build rapidly and plan accordingly.

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  • Real-Time Performance Condition

    See how you are doing and gain insight along the way.

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  • Race Time Predictor

    See what you can achieve based on your VO2max and adequate training.

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  • Quick Stress Level Test

    Gain access to the level of physiological stress in your body.

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  • Calories Burned

    Accurate calorie counts for daily life, top performance, and everything in between.

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  • Recovery Time Advisor

    Ensure adequate recovery to reap the full reward of your efforts.

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  • All-day Stress & Recovery

    Reveal how your body responds to the challenges of life and environment.

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  • Body Resources

    Bring activity, stress, and recovery together for better decision making.

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  • Heat and Altitude Acclimatization

    Monitor progress as you adapt to perform better in demanding environments.

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  • Training Load Balance

    Guide training efforts to build a strong foundation and focus for success.

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  • Workout Labels

    Connect workouts with their primary benefits and performances impacted.

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  • Respiration Rate

    Keep track of your breathing during activities.

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The Garmin MARQ Collection is a series of watches built out of the company’s long-standing heritage in aviation, automotive, marine, outdoor, and sports performance. The combination of premium materials and smart features tuned to the specific needs of each audience results in an authentic experience.

Central to every pursuit, every endeavor is the individual performer. Fittingly, the inclusion of Firstbeat’s advanced performance analytics unites the five different timepieces that comprise the MARQ Collection.

MARQ users benefit from a cutting-edge selection of physiological features designed to inform better, more personal decisions that impact health and performance. This includes Firstbeat powered insight into stress and recovery levels throughout the day.

During activities, you benefit real-time feedback into how things are going and a preview of how your current activity will influence the development of future performance capabilities. Scientific training load and fitness measurements automatically reveal how well your activities support your training ambitions and provide guidance on the amount time your body needs to bounce back.

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