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quatix® 6

Released April, 2020

Marine focused GPS watch with advanced performance and lifestyle tracking.

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The Garmin quatix® 6 introduces the latest lifestyle and training insights popularized on the fénix 6 series to Garmin’s marine focused lineup. Designed with the serious mariner in mind, the quatix® 6 blends style and function with comprehensive connectivity options. Stream data directly from your compatible Garmin chartplotter, update waypoints without returning to the helm, and monitor and control your autopilot settings on the go.

Garmin’s long-standing relationship with Firstbeat analytics ensure the quatix® 6 delivers scientifically personalized insights to help you make better, more informed lifestyle and training decisions.

Firstbeat features (18) on Garmin quatix® 6


Advanced Performance Analytics by Firstbeat

The Garmin quatix® 6 reliably guides you towards performing at your best. Even the effects of challenging environments and tough conditions are considered. At a physiological level, exposure to higher altitudes or hot and humid climates triggers changes in your body that help you perform in those conditions. New acclimatization insights powered by Firstbeat analytics reveal how well your body is currently adapted to higher elevation and the joint impact of higher heat and humidity.

More than just a data point, acclimatization data is used to enhance the reliability of training and fitness metrics across the board. This means that when your body is working harder than normal due to environmental factors that the resulting decrease in performance isn’t attributed to overdoing it or inadequate recovery.

Lifestyle Insights to Navigate Your Day

Regardless of your environment Body Battery™ can help you make sense of how you are doing and what to do next. Physiological stress and recovery, captured through analysis of heart rate variability data, along with the impact of physical activity are combined to provide real-time insight into your current resilience and coping abilities.

Higher Body Battery™ levels indicate you have the resources available to tackle challenges and benefit as a result. Resting up when your Body Battery™ is low will help you down the road. Naturally, the best way to recharge your Body Battery™ is with a good night’s sleep.

Flagship Training Management Features

The Garmin quatix® 6 brings new clarity to the sometimes-complex relationship between workouts you do and the specific role those workouts play in your development. This insight appears on the Activity Summary screen shown at the end of your activity. You can instantly see whether a workout supported recovery, developed your endurance base, enhanced aerobic or anaerobic performance capacity, improved speed, or helped you better tolerate high-intensity efforts.

Popular Training Status and Training Load monitoring tools are augmented onboard the quatix® 6 series by a new Training Load Focus screen. Training Load Focus looks below the surface of your activity history to reveal how three key types of efforts contributed to your total Training Load over the past four weeks. Low-intensity aerobic efforts, high-intensity aerobic efforts and dynamic anaerobic efforts are automatically identified and quantified according their impact. This allows you to work towards incorporating the right combination of efforts necessary to build a strong, well-balanced foundation to support your performance. With that foundation in place, you can confidently focus on specific efforts and aspects of performance that support your goals.

Recovery Time recommendations offered by the Garmin quatix® 6 provide insight gleaned from the latest injury prevention research. Meaningful changes in your 7-day Training Load identified through analysis of historical trends, and the impact of unusually challenging workouts is also considered. These elements are used to modify the length of time estimated before you are ready to benefit from your next hard, fitness-improving type workout.

Runners relying on the Garmin quatix® 6 to prepare for a race benefit from a new and improved Race Time Predictor. Finish times for popular race distances (5k, 10k, half-marathon and marathon) are estimated based on new combination of factors. Estimates begin with aerobic fitness levels and performance sustainability models which are modified and improved upon using trends identified in your weekly Training Load, running mileage, and the presence of long runs in your training history.

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