Garmin Vivomove 3


vívomove 3

Elegant hybrid smartwatch delivers powerful fitness and lifestyle insight.

Released September, 2019

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The newest additions to the Garmin vívomove series of hybrid smartwatches include the vívomove 3 and vívomove 3s variants along with the new vívomove Style and vívomove Luxe lineups.  A style first design gives the collection the appearance of a classical timepiece, replete with real hands moving around an elegantly crafted dial. Beneath the surface, however, are the health, fitness and daily tracking tools that define the Garmin vívo series as formidable options in the lifestyle device category.

Insights powered by Firstbeat analytics onboard the latest vívomove watches help you see and monitor your fitness level and develop effective personal energy management strategies throughout the day.

Go for a run, jog, or even a brisk walk with your Garmin vívomove watch to reveal your current cardiorespiratory fitness level. Measured in terms of VO2max, you can instantly see whether your activities and lifestyle keep you fit enough to achieve health benefits. Aspire to be fitter? Keeping tabs on your VO2max is the perfect way to monitor progress. You can see what works and enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing you are on the right track.

Why is VO2max such a vital indicator for health and performance? It describes your aerobic performance capacity and simultaneously captures your heart, lungs, circulatory system, and muscles all working together. The fitter you are, the higher your VO2max, and the less taxing daily activities and routines become.

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Fitness Age, available for vívomove users in the Garmin Connect app, is a relatable and motivational interpretation of VO2max based on global standards for fitness according to age and gender. Because fitness typically declines with age, it makes sense that improving your cardiorespiratory fitness has a revitalizing effect that helps you feel and perform like a younger, more energetic version of yourself.

Health, wellness and smart lifestyle decisions are about more than just the miles you run and how much aerobic exercise you can do. Body Battery™ and All-day Stress tracking help you see and understand how your body responds to the challenges of life and environment. Used in conjunction, these insights can help you master resiliency and make better, smarter, more personal lifestyle choices.

Body Battery is a unique tool that brings stress, physical activity, recovery, and sleep together in a powerful way. The physiological impact of stress and physical activity combine to drain your Body Battery. Your energy reserves are restored, and your Body Battery is recharged during quiet moments that give you a chance to recover. The single best way to recharge your Body Battery is with a good night’s sleep.

When your Body Battery is fuller, you will likely notice that you are able to cope better with challenges and benefit more from physical activity and exercise. You can still tackle challenges when your Body Battery is low but may find yourself struggling to keep up and may not bounce back as quickly. If your Body Battery is drained, it might be wise to rest up and fight another day if you can.

Firstbeat powered stress and recovery monitoring relies on the ability to interpret changes in how your heart beats from one moment to the next (HRV). When analyzed, heart rate variability can serve as a window into your autonomic nervous system. Your autonomic nervous system regulates aspects of your physiology to help you handle whatever life sends your way.

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