Huawei Honor Dream



Released January, 2019

Personalized training and recovery insight in a sleek GPS smartwatch.

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With the Honor Dream smartwatch, you benefit from advanced performance analytics that help you make better, more personal training and recovery decisions.

Firstbeat features (5) on Honor Dream

Firstbeat Powered Features on the Honor Dream

Running with the device allows you to keep tabs on your cardiorespiratory fitness, expressed in terms of VO2max. You can see when you are fit enough to achieve your health and performance goals, and enjoy the added motivation of seeing how your efforts translate into better performance.

Curious about how a specific run or other workout influences your fitness? Aerobic Training Effect gives you the answer in real time. The duration and intensity of your performance are interpreted in light of your current fitness level and training history. As a result you can easily identify workouts with little to no impact, learn which workouts support and improve your fitness, and when you push yourself into overload.

After each workout, Recovery Time offers a countdown timer that reveals when you will be fully recovered and ready to benefit from a new challenge. Sufficient recovery is the key to maximizing the potential benefits of your workout and helps reduce the risk of getting injured.

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