MagicWatch 2

Released December, 2019

Long-lasting GPS smartwatch with advanced fitness and training monitoring tools. 

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The Honor MagicWatch 2 collection builds on the idea that innovation can be made personal. Aerospace-grade 316L steel case and bezel materials ensure that these watches are lightweight and yet able to withstand the bumps and rigors of everyday life on the go.

Customizable watch faces, a bright and sharp AMOLED display with always-on possibilities, and up to 14-day battery life make the Honor MagicWatch 2 an attractive, hassle-free option. Available in both 42mm and 46mm sizes, the MagicWatch 2 also offers a variety of band colors and material options to help it fit into practically anyone’s life and situation from the gym to the classroom to the workplace and beyond.

Firstbeat features (8) on Honor MagicWatch 2

Advanced Performance Analytics by Firstbeat

Firstbeat powered fitness and training monitoring features remain largely the same as on the original Watch GT. One key difference is the addition of Anaerobic Training Effect, which means better insight into the impact of dynamic workouts like interval runs and HIIT sessions.

Fitness Tracking

Every time you go out for a run with HR and GPS active on your Honor MagicWatch 2 you gain definitive insight into your current cardiorespiratory fitness level. Measured in terms of VO2max, cardiorespiratory fitness is a vital indicator for health and performance.

Long used as a key endurance performance metric, a recently published position paper by the American Heart Association highlighted the relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness and overall health. They noted that fitness levels measured in this way are a better predictor of mortality than previously recognized risk factors like smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type-2 diabetes. Other studies point to a key relationship between a higher VO2max and lower health care costs.

Using your Honor MagicWatch 2 to keep tabs on your fitness in this way means you can instantly see whether you are currently fit enough to achieve health benefits and when it’s time to step up your game.

Personal Training Management Tools

Are you active enough to achieve your health, fitness, or performance goals? Your Honor MagicWatch 2 removes the guesswork by delivering clear, easy-to-understand insight that reveals what degree of challenge is right for you. By simply swiping into the Workout Status widget and down to the Training Load screen you can check the total, combined impact of all your recorded activities in the past seven days. You can also see your optimal Training Load range, which is personally tailored based on your current fitness level and training history. Exceeding the optimal range with too much hard exercise means you are at increased risk of burnout, injury, and developing the symptoms of overtraining syndrome. Stay below the optimal range for long and you are likely to lose your fitness level.

The main Workout Status screen itself lets you know how your training is going by interpreting changes in your fitness level (VO2max) in light of your current Training Load and trends over time. When your Workout Status is Productive, it means that your Training Load is good, and your fitness is gradually improving. You can also see when your training is unproductive and when you are maintaining your current fitness level, peaking, detraining, or recovering.

Understand Individual Workouts and Recovery Better

Activating the Training Effect feature on your Honor MagicWatch 2 gives you access to a real-time prediction of how your current workout will influence the development of future aerobic and anaerobic performance capacity.

You can see as your workout progresses from offering basic recovery and health benefits towards fitness maintenance, improving fitness, and highly improving fitness efforts. You can also see when you push yourself too hard and into overload. The ability to recognize when you are pushing yourself too far helps you stay motivated, avoid burnout, reduces injury risks, and adopt a healthy, productive approach towards training.

The scale for Aerobic Training Effect goes from 0.0 to 5.0, where 0.0 means that training session has no aerobic impact on your body and 5.0 indicates overload. Generally, you should avoid overloading, and extreme efforts require special attention to recovery. (Click to enlarge)

Challenging yourself with stimulating workouts signals your physiology to adapt, it’s time to get stronger, faster, and fitter. The transformative work your body does to improve your performance over time takes place during the recovery time between workouts. When you don’t give your body time to recover and repair itself from your last hard workout, it means leaving the benefits of that workout on the table.

Each activity you record with the Honor MagicWatch 2 queues a countdown timer designed to tell you when you will be sufficiently recovered to benefit from your next hard work out.

Personalized Training Plans for Running

Whether you are an experienced runner or gearing up for your first 5k or next the right plan can make all the difference in the world. You can create your own, personalized training plan for a variety of popular race distances (5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon) using the Huawei Health app.

Expertly crafted training runs are automatically detailed and customized for you based on your personal fitness level and how often you able to run each week. If you have a particular race in your sights, you can enter the date of your event and a target finish time. The program will coach you towards your goals.

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