firstbeat features in huami amafzit ares


Amazfit Ares

Released May, 2020

GPS smartwatch with fitness and training monitoring tools for outdoor adventures.

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The Amazfit Ares is a GPS smartwatch from Huami Technologies. Designed with outdoor wear in mind, the Amazfit Ares features a bright, full-color display housed in an innovative octagonal case with a soft silicon band. Comfortable to wear yet durable enough for rugged conditions, you can easily check your watch even in direct sunlight. Other key stats include 50-meter water resistance and a promise of up to 13 days of battery life in normal usage.

The Amazfit Ares offers key insights to help you understand your workouts, train better, recover smarter, and follow changes in your fitness level.

Firstbeat features (4) on Huami Amazfit Ares

Firstbeat Powered Features on the Amazfit Ares

Going out for a run with the Amazfit Ares with GPS and heart rate monitoring active reveals your current fitness level. Measured in terms of VO2max, changes in your cardiorespiratory fitness offer vital insight into health, performance, and even longevity. Thinking about fitness in terms of VO2max can also become a powerful source of motivation. Clear sign of your progress makes it easier than ever to get started and keep going on the road to better fitness.

Was your last workout tough enough to help get you in shape? Answer this question and more by recording workouts with your watch. The Firstbeat analytics engine embedded in the Amazfit Ares interprets your efforts based on your current fitness level and training history. The result is an Aerobic Training Effect score (0.0-5.0) for each workout that reveals the level of personal challenge. You can also learn the role that workout played in your development (boosts recovery, improves fitness, overreaching, etc).

firstbeat aerobic training effect progress

Training Load delivers insight into whether you are regularly active enough to achieve your fitness goals. You can see the total physiological impact of all your recorded activities over the past 7 days. An optimal Training Load range is identified for you based on your current fitness level (VO2max) and activity history. Keep your load within the optimal range for maximum benefits without overdoing it.

Training Load chart - Firstbeat feature

When you workout can be as important as how you workout sometimes. At the end of each activity you record, your Amazfit Ares starts a timer that counts down to when you will be ready for next hard, fitness improving-type workout. This insight is based on the strenuousness of your competed workout and any time left on your Recovery Timer when you started.

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