Clever armband monitor unlocks advanced training insights

Released October, 2019

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The mioPOD is an advanced training device that combines reliable heart rate monitoring, haptic feedback and color-coded notifications to create a great workout experience. Elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to get into better shape will benefit from scientifically personalized training and workout insights viewable in the accompanying mioAPP. Together the mioPOD and mioAPP are expertly designed to deliver a streamlined approach to better training backed by the power of Firstbeat’s advanced performance analytics.

Are your weekly workouts challenging enough to achieve your fitness and performance goals? Use the mioPOD to keep tabs on your Training Load and find out. All your activities, regardless of type, are analyzed and logged according to the impact they have on your body. This means that with your tempo rides, interval runs, and light recovery workouts all come together in the same place. The harder and longer your workout, the greater the impact has on your body and the more it contributes to your Training Load.

More than that, an optimal range for your Training Load is identified and shown based on your personal training history. You can see when it’s time to step up, and when overdoing it may be counterproductive to your betterment as a performer over time.

While Training Load gives you the big picture, Training Effect feedback zeros in reveal the role each workout plays in your development. This means you can instantly see how each workout you record is likely to influence the development of future performance capacity. Aerobic Training Effect describes the impact on your aerobic performance capabilities and cardiorespiratory fitness. Anaerobic Training Effect predicts the influence on your ability to sprint, recover and sprint again. This type of effort is closely related to successful sports performance, but also plays a surprisingly important role in endurance activities.

The gains you make through training come from physiological adaptations that help you perform better down the road. These adaptations don’t occur during your workouts but can only take place during the recovery periods between workouts. A countdown Recovery Timer is updated at the end of each workout to let you know when you can expect your body to be fully recovered and ready to benefit from your next hard, fitness improving type workout. When you have time remaining on your Recovery Timer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t exercise. Light, easy efforts can actually help improve the efficiency of your recovery process.

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