Suunto 5


Suunto 5

Intelligent, performance ready GPS training companion

Released May, 2019

Firstbeat features (6)

The Suunto 5 GPS sports watch promises a pure performance design inspired by the state of flow, that free and focused mindset that allows you to be at your best. In practice, this inspiration translates into a slim, compact design and a streamlined selection of advanced performance analytics. Physiological insights powered by Firstbeat help the Suunto 5 serve and succeed as a reliable training companion.

Suunto 5 Variants

Cardiorespiratory fitness is a key factor in your ability to perform and sustain aerobic activity, the Suunto 5 automatically detects your current fitness level each time you go out for a run with GPS and heart rate monitoring activated. This is achieved through an advanced analysis of pace and effort and is reported in terms of VO2max. You gain concrete evidence of productive training efforts and benefit from the confidence of knowing when you are on the right track. Is it time to change things up? You don’t have to guess.

Suunto 5 Fitness Level

An intelligent adaptive training program onboard the Suunto 5 lights the path towards better fitness by ensuring you always know what your next workout should be. Tune your level of challenge by choosing whether you want to maintain your current fitness level or by indicating rate at which you want to improve. Miss a workout, or go harder than expected, your training program recognizes your situation and adjusts to keep you on track.

Suunto 5 Training Plan

More than just a fitness tracker, the Suunto 5 goes to the next level with stress, recovery, and sleep quality monitoring powered by the Firstbeat analytics engine. Stress and recovery are detected throughout the day and interpreted to reveal your body’s resource levels. Stress and physical activity deplete your resources. Moments of recovery and sleep replenish them. The Suunto 5 also offers additional insight into sleep with a heart rate variability-based sleep quality analysis, designed to reveal the restorative power of your sleep.

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