Suunto 9


Suunto 9

Flagship GPS Adventure Watch with Fitness and Lifestyle Tracking Tools

Released June, 2018

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The Suunto 9 is a flagship GPS adventure watch, built to last – just like you.  Since being introduced in 2018, the Suunto 9 has been continuously improved with performance and feature updates sure to attract new users and benefit existing users alike. Among the most significant additions to date is the integration of Firstbeat’s advanced performance analytics. A new perspective on fitness and enhanced lifestyle monitoring features mean that the Suunto 9 just got better.

Fitness Level (VO2max) – You now gain insight into your current cardiorespiratory fitness level each time you go out for a run or a brisk walk with your Suunto 9. Measured in terms of VO2max, you can see as your hard work pays off in the form of better fitness, a great source of motivation. The value of this particular insight comes from the fact that it reflects the effectiveness of your heart, lungs, circulatory system, and muscle tissue all working together to deliver the oxygen you need to produce energy aerobically.

Suunto 9 VO2max Fitness Level

With obvious implications for endurance athletes, like being able to run faster for longer periods, your cardiorespiratory fitness level also has significant health and wellness applications. As your fitness level increases, everyday activities take up less of your total capacity, so life just feels easier. You are also likely to notice reduced stress levels, increased resiliency, and better sleep quality.

Suunto app - Sleep and Fitness Level

Stress and Recovery – Discover how your body responds to the challenges of life and environment. Activity occurring within your autonomic nervous system becomes visible by analyzing changes in how your heart beats from on moment to the next (HRV). With this insight your Suunto 9 becomes a tool for understanding everyday life and finding a healthy, personal balance between time spent between fight-or-flight and rest-and-digest modes.

The related Resources screen brings diverse but interconnected aspects of life together to help you manage your energy levels and make smarter decisions throughout the day. Stress and physical activity deplete your body’s resources, while restful moments and good sleep replenish them. When your resources are high, it means that you have the energy to tackle a challenge and bounce back stronger than before. Lower resource levels mean that it might be wise to get some rest if you can.

Sleep Quality –A good night’s sleep is more than just the hours you sleep. Quality matters. Waking up with the Suunto 9 means being able to instantly see how well prepared you are for the challenges ahead. Evidence shows that what you do during the day can have a profound effect on the restorative nature of your sleep. Keep tabs on your Sleep Quality over time to learn what activities and routines work best for you.

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