Xiaomi Mi Watch Color


Mi Watch Color

Fashion-forward smartwatch with advanced lifestyle, sleep and fitness insights.

Released January, 2020

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The Mi Watch Color from Xiaomi gives you the confidence you need to be at your best. This comes in the form of scientifically personalized physiological insight powered by Firstbeat analytics. You can keep tabs on your fitness level, monitor stress throughout the day, record, understand and improve your sleep, and see when you have the energy you need to tackle tough challenges.

The Mi Watch Color lives up to its name with a bright and colorful, round 1.39-inch AMOLED display and sharp 454×454 resolution. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and stainless-steel bezel guard the display. Paired with a 420mAh battery promising up to 14 days between charges, the Mi Watch Color is perfectly positioned to be a stylish, durable, hassle-free contributor to life on the go.

Monitoring Sleep, Stress, and Body Resources with the Mi Watch Color

The optical heart rate monitor built into the Mi Watch Color can tell you a lot more than just how fast your heart is beating during your morning run. It can also provide insight throughout the day and night into your body’s responses to the challenges of life and environment.

How does the Mi Watch Color know if you are stressed or not? This is achieved by using Firstbeat analytics to interpret minor changes in how your heart beats from one moment to the next. Stress and moments of recovery become visible as a result. Interesting on its own, the value of this information goes to the next level – in terms of usefulness – when placed into the right context.

The Body Resources screen on your Mi Watch Color brings stress, recovery, physical activity, and the restorative power of sleep together in a single, personally meaningful chart.

Stress and physical activity deplete your resources throughout the day according to intensity of your workout and the severity of your stress. It only makes sense. The higher your stress levels or the harder your training session, the faster your resources are expended. Your body’s resources are replenished during quieter moments of the day and when you are asleep.


Naturally, a good night’s sleep offers your best chance to recover and replenish the resources you need to get through the day. The Firstbeat Sleep Solution integrated into the Mi Watch Color let’s you effortlessly document your sleep, understand what it means, and offers personalized advice to help you sleep better based on real-world data from your own lifestyle and activity patterns.

Sports and Fitness Tracking with the Mi Watch Color

Going out for a run with heart rate monitoring and GPS active on your Mi Watch Color will automatically reveal your current fitness level. Expressed in terms of VO2max, this single number reflects how well your heart, lungs, circulatory system and muscles all work together to produce your performance. As your fitness improves, your VO2max increases.

Seeing progress over time provides a great source of motivation.

Regardless of what type of activity you record, the Mi Watch Color uses heart rate data to track the calories burned. More than that, it also reveals how each specific workout fits into your own personal fitness picture. This insight comes in the form of an Aerobic Training Effect score (0.0 – 5.0) that increases in real time according to the intensity and duration of your efforts. You can easily see and understand what works best for you according to your current fitness level and training history.

The scale for Aerobic Training Effect goes from 0.0 to 5.0, where 0.0 means that training session has no aerobic impact on your body and 5.0 indicates overload. Generally, you should avoid overloading, and extreme efforts require special attention to recovery. (Click to enlarge)

Adequate recovery is the key to getting the maximum benefit out of your workouts. To help you master the relationship between pushing yourself to the limit and giving yourself enough time to benefit as a result, the Mi Watch Color updates and starts a countdown timer at the end of each activity that reveals when you will be fully recovered and 100% ready for you next hard, fitness improving (i.e., Training Effect 3.5+) type workout.

You can still be active when you have time left on your recovery time clock, but pushing yourself too hard, too soon can have counterproductive results.


Firstbeat powered features onboard the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color give you the scientifically personalized insight you need to be at your best when it matters most. More than just information, it’s about giving you the confidence that you need to succeed, knowing that you are on the right path.

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