Bosch e-Bikes

Bosch e-Bikes gives you a new bike riding experience. With the Firstbeat inside features you can monitor your training on the go.

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The Bosch Vital Sensor Hub

The new BHV250 and BHV160 sensor hubs are Android Wear compatible and each represents an all-in-one sensor subsystem. In addition to Firstbeat analytics, these sensors offer best-in-class sensor fusion software, an optimized FUSER Core microcontroller, MEMS inertia sensors and the lowest power usage available in the market. Support for a wide-range of different PPG chipsets is offered.

Firstbeat’s involvement with these sensor hubs development ensures that they offer body signal data in a way that is optimized for use with Firstbeat’s advanced physiologically based analytics. The collaboration between Firstbeat and Bosch achieves a highly integrated product that offers flexibility to developers and manufactures and accurate physiologically-based insights for consumers.

Optimisation for Firstbeat’s widely-used analytics, small size, and ultra-low power consumption makes the sensor hubs especially well-suited for use in popular applications featuring always-on physiological sensing as with fitness wristbands, earphones and smart textiles.

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“We chose Firstbeat because their recognized industry expertise.
Their heartbeat analysis technology enables easy to understand feedback and guidance
on fitness for users at different levels. Together we can launch fitness products actually helping people to take actions supporting their fitness and well-being.”

Daniel Meermann
Product Owner, Mobility Media GmbH