SmartBand 2, is a multi-sensor activity tracker with heart rate monitor that provides full-scale insights about your fitness, well-being and stress levels. SmartBand 2 automatically tracks activities such as walking, running and other workouts whilst mapping your heart-rate alongside each activity.

Stress & Recovery – the sense of wellbeing

See what makes you calm, excited and everything in between. Using heart rate variability (HRV), the milliseconds between each heartbeat, SmartBand 2 can tell whether you are in a state of stress or recovery during everyday activities.



Stress at work

Stress is a normal part of our daily lives and it comes in many forms. Medium stress might get you “on the flow” while working and cheering for your favorite sports team can get your stress levels high. Recovery is needed to balance these stress periods so you can live your life to the fullest!


Recovery during sleep

Sleep is the most important period to recover in our 24h daily cycle. SmartBand 2 provides insights for example if your recovery onset during sleep is delayed. Calming down from work or heavy exercise well before going to bed might be helpful.