Casio Unveils G-SHOCK GBD-H1000: First Casio Watch to Integrate Firstbeat Analytics

Feb 27 2020 in News

Wearable Devices

firstbeat analytics in casio g-shock gbd-h1000

The recently announced Casio G-SHOCK GBD-H1000 marks the first cooperation between Firstbeat and the iconic Japanese digital watch brand. As part of the Casio G-SHOCK lineup, the GBD-H1000 is engineered to support health-conscious lifestyles. The integration of advanced performance analytics from Firstbeat means users gain the confidence of scientifically personalized feedback and insights along the way.

The GBD-H1000 is packed with five-sensor functions. In addition to an optical sensor that can measure heart rate by detecting the blood flow under the skin, a triple sensor that measures altitude/barometric pressure, compass bearing, and temperature, and an acceleration sensor that measures step count and distance traveled, the new watch comes with GPS functionality that acquires location information. By analyzing the measured data, the watch can display an indicator of cardiorespiratory capacity. By connecting the watch with a dedicated app on a smartphone, the user can manage measurement data history such as calories burned and logged travel.

“Casio has a well-earned place in the history of consumer electronics and digital watch technology in particular,” says Aki Pulkkinen, Firstbeat co-Founder and Director of Consumer Technologies. “Working with Casio to help people get the information they need to improve their health and performance has been an exciting opportunity. Ultimately, we are working together to give individuals the confidence and motivation they need to achieve their goals.”

Features onboard the Casio G-SHOCK GBD-H1000 powered by Firstbeat analytics include user fitness level detection (VO2max), Training Load, Training Status, and includes Race Time Predictions for popular run distances which can be viewed in the accompanying app. GBD-H1000 users gain insight into the sometimes-complex relationship between workouts and results with the help of Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Effect feedback. Getting the most out of each workout is easier than ever with the inclusion of Recovery Time, a countdown clock that updates at the end of each activity to let you know when you will be ready for your next hard, fitness-improving type workout.

Explore all the Firstbeat powered features on the G-SHOCK GBD-H1000

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About Firstbeat

Firstbeat Technologies Ltd. (“Firstbeat”) is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing. The Firstbeat technology turns heartbeat data into rich, personalized and actionable insights on exercise, stress, sleep and recovery. Firstbeat analytics are used by hundreds of elite sports teams, thousands of corporations, and millions of consumers worldwide to improve their performance and wellbeing. Firstbeat has developed revolutionary analytics technology that creates a digital model of users’ physiology through advanced modelling of heart function and heart rate variability (HRV).


The development of G-SHOCK began in 1981 with an engineer’s passion to create a rugged watch that would not break even if dropped. Two years and over 200 prototypes later, the first G-SHOCK model, the DW-5000C, featuring an all-new shock-resistant construction, was released in 1983. It overturned the accepted notion of the time that wristwatches are inherently fragile and susceptible to shocks, and established a new product category: the “tough watch.” Since then, G-SHOCK has continued to evolve with improved functions and performance.

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