Firstbeat Working with Jabil and Clothing+ for a Smart Garment Solution

Jabil and Clothing+ introduced the Peak+, an innovative smart garment reference design for building an integrated textile Heart Rate Monitoring solution, yesterday at the Wearable Technology Show in Santa Clara, California. The Peak+ is created in co-operation with Firstbeat providing the analytics of HRM data delivering deep insight and actionable feedback into stress, recovery and effects of physical training.

The broad expertise achieved via co-operation is the strength of the Peak+ turnkey solution. “Building an integrated textile Heart Rate Monitoring solution today requires very different competencies and capabilities, which often turn into a guessing game between multiple vendors trying to piece it all together. With Peak+, we’re offering customers in the fitness, fashion and healthcare markets a strong competitive advantage with a unique, custom solution that gives them easy entry into the high-growth wearables market”, notes John Dargan, Jabil senior vice president and CEO of Clothing+.

Featured at #18 in the 50 Wearable Tech Gamechangers for 2016 list from Wearable Tech this year, Peak+ is the reference design you’ve been waiting for. It includes a Clothing+ techstyles solution in the form of a shirt, strap or bra, plus a transmitter and application from Suunto, and advanced analytics from Firstbeat. If you’re committed to introducing sensory clothing to your portfolio and you want to change the relationship with your customers – Peak+ is the answer.

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