All-Day Stress Tracking Added to Garmin Fenix 5 Series and Forerunner 935

Herman Bonner

Herman BonnerCommunications Specialist, Firstbeat

Sep 26 2017 in News

Wearable Devices

Garmin Fenix 5 series devices and the Garmin Forerunner 935 users will be delighted to hear that their devices will be learning a few new tricks, thanks to the recently announced software update (version 6.0). The update can be downloaded through either Garmin Express or the Garmin Connect app.

Installing the update will unlock All-day Stress tracking, a 24/7 heart rate variability-based stress assessment powered by Firstbeat analytics.

Once you have updated your device, you can begin taking advantage of this feature by simply adding the Stress widget. Simply hold the Up key from any widget and select Add Widget > Stress.

All-day stress monitoring reveals the presence and intensity of stress and recovery reactions as the exist in your body as physiological phenomena. This means that you can quickly see how much of your day is spent experiencing stress and how successful your body was in offsetting those stressful moments with adequate recovery. Stress is an important and unavoidable part of life, so the goal is not to eliminate it but to establish the healthy balance between stress and rest that is essential to personal well-being.

Read more about All-day Stress and the science behind it here.

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Herman Bonner

Herman Bonner Communications Specialist, Firstbeat

Herman is a former U.S. World Cup fencer, coach and high-performance manager. Keen to explore how people make sense of the world around them, Herman currently thrives at the bustling intersection of technology and everyday life. His educational interests include mechanical engineering, economics, ethnomethodology, and sports management with a focus on marketing and communications.