Firstbeat Delivers Fitness and Stress Tracking in Latest Trio of Garmin Vivo Devices

A trio of new vívo series devices were introduced today by Garmin International, Ltd., in conjunction with IFA in Berlin, Germany: vívoactive 3, a stylish smartwatch, vívomove HR, a touchscreen hybrid smartwatch; and vívosport, a gps-enabled activity tracker. Each delivers a powerful combination of fitness tracking and wellness monitoring features powered by Firstbeat heartbeat analytics. As a result, the path towards healthier, happier, more productive lives becomes easier to discover and travel than ever before.

Firstbeat powered metrics aboard the Garmin vívoactive, vívomove HR and vívosport:

Fitness Tracking:
Firstbeat’s automatic VO2max fitness detection analytics have been part of the Garmin wearables experience since 2013. Earlier this year, the Garmin vívosmart 3 brought the science of fitness tracking to the company’s popular lifestyle oriented series. At the same time, Fitness Age, a new relatable interpretation of VO2max data was introduced.

VO2max is the metric that defines your cardiorespiratory fitness. It is a simple, easy-to-follow number that describes your body’s ability to import oxygen, transport it, and use it to produce energy aerobically. The fitter you are the higher your VO2max. Firstbeat analytics onboard the latest Garmin vívo series devices determine your VO2max during running and walking activities using a combination of heart rate and movement speed data captured via accelerometer or GPS.

Wellness Monitoring:
All-day Stress tracking is a Firstbeat powered wellness oriented insight that also debuted aboard the Garmin vívosmart 3. Now available across the latest generation of vívo series wearables, stress levels can be checked directly on the device, and longer term stress patterns can be viewed in the Garmin Connect app to reveal trends over time.

Access to All-day stress information allows people to see how their body is impacted by the many challenges of life and environment. It also provides an opportunity to identify patterns, evaluate lifestyle choices, and learn to avoid or better cope with stress-inducing situations.

To provide this insight, Firstbeat scientifically analyzes the wearer’s heart rate, as it changes from one beat to the next. This phenomenon, known as heart rate variability (HRV), offers a window into activity with the body’s autonomic nervous system (ANS). When the sympathetic (fight or flight) portion of the autonomic nervous system is dominant, variation in beat-to-beat changes is reduced; and when the parasympathetic (rest and digest) portion of the autonomic nervous system is dominant, variation in beat-to-beat changes increases.

The ability to view stress levels through analysis of HRV is also a defining element of the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, a professional-grade health and wellness tool frequently utilized in corporate health programs. Over the past decade, Firstbeat has performed over a quarter of a million of these Lifestyle Assessments worldwide. That data and experience was a vital resource in preparing the analytics needed to deliver these insights under the challenging conditions of daily life.

Activity Tracking:
Knowing how many calories you burn is important, but accurately tracking them can be a challenge. vívoactive, vívomove HR and vívosport users benefit from a Firstbeat powered estimate of calories burned that goes beyond the normal background information. Access to the user’s personal fitness level (VO2max) and a precise method of determining activity intensity contributed to the enhanced accuracy of this complicated calculation.

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