New Huawei Watch GT Incorporates Leading Data Analytics Used by Elite Sports Teams

Oct 24 2018 in News

Wearable Devices

Huawei and Firstbeat Technologies Oy – the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing – have been collaborating for several years, and the newest Huawei Watch GT smartwatch is their most advanced product so far. Huawei Watch GT represents a powerful trend where a smartwatch aimed for versatile everyday use includes state-of-the-art exercise and well-being features.

We have reached a new level of precision in the way a smartwatch gathers data, analyzes it and transforms it into personalized feedback for improving fitness and well-being. This information is essential for guiding effective exercise. “The Huawei Watch GT is an attractive option for a wide variety of people, so the feedback has been designed to be easily understood by anyone,” explains Joni Kettunen, CEO of Firstbeat Technologies Oy

The globally operating Firstbeat Technologies Oy was founded in 2002. Their heart rate analytics produce personalized and useful information about stress, recovery, and sleep for professional athletes and consumers interested in their well-being. Firstbeat is based on multi-disciplinary research conducted during several decades in the fields of physiology, mathematic modeling, and behavioral sciences.

“Firstbeat is a pioneer in the field of monitoring and improving the performance of top athletes. Huawei Watch GT equipped with Firstbeat’s technology is by design a well-rounded smartwatch for people for whom data is an additional motivator for developing their well-being,” says Elina Takala, Huawei Finland’s Marketing and Communications Director.

Hundreds of elite sports teams, thousands of businesses, and millions of consumers worldwide use Firstbeat’s analytics products and services. Their clients include the football giants Manchester United and Arsenal, the reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors, and over half of the NHL teams.

Huawei Watch GT has six features that have been designed together with Firstbeat. These easy-to-use features provide real-time data on how the user is performing in relation to the targets set for one’s well-being.

VO2max Fitness Level measures the user’s maximum oxygen intake and fitness level, making it easier to monitor fitness development and overall health.

Training Effect: Aerobic predicts how a specific session will influence the development of aerobic fitness; does it enhance or maintain performance, and is the training right for the fitness level?

Personalized Training Plans: Running offers the user an expertly customized training plan for popular race distances based on current fitness level, specified goals, and training motivations.

Real-Time Coaching gives the user real-time feedback about when it is time to speed up or slow down to ensure they achieve their workout goal safely and efficiently.

Recovery time Advisor estimates how long the user should rest after exercise and when they are ready for the next heavy exercise. This helps to prevent overload and optimize fitness development.

Calories Burned measures calorie expenditure based on the user’s individual traits and physical activity.

Firstbeat contact – media and PR
Herman Bonner, Firstbeat Technologies Oy
044 343 7626

Huawei contact – Consumer Business Group
Elina Takala, Marketing and Communications Director, Huawei Technologies Oy
050 3217863

Photos and product loans:
Maija Hyötyläinen, Republic of Communications
050 572 9679

Firstbeat Technologies Oy

Firstbeat Technologies Ltd. (“Firstbeat”) is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing. The Firstbeat technology turns heartbeat data into rich, personalized and actionable insights on exercise, stress, sleep and recovery. Firstbeat has developed revolutionary analytics technology that creates a digital model of user’s physiology through advanced modelling of heart function and heart rate variability (HRV).

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