The Numbers That Measure a Runner – Introducing the New Garmin Forerunners Powered by Firstbeat

Garmin has released three new cutting-edge GPS-running watches including Firstbeat heartbeat analytics.  Garmin Forerunner series with Firstbeat features is specially made for runners and designed to support your training whether your goal is to run your first marathon or to break records.

Measure What Matters with Forerunner 630

Forerunner 630 provides all the extensive data you need for training and racing, no matter what your goal is. It uses extended physiological metrics to help you get the most out of your workouts and feel aware and confident with what you can accomplish.

Firstbeat has provided the Garmin Forerunner 630 with these features specially designed for runners:

Lactate Threshold
Estimates the level of effort at which fatigue rapidly increases in terms of a runner’s heart rate and pace. Learn your Lactate Threshold level to know your optimum performance intensity.

Performance Condition
As you run, this feature analyzes your pace, heart rate and heart rate variability to make a real-time assessment of your ability to perform.

Stress Score
Overall training load, sleep, nutrition and general stress affect on how you will perform in a workout. To give you an idea of whether you should train hard or have a rest, Forerunner 630 provides you with a stress score based off your heart rate variability data.

Forerunner 630 also includes these Firstbeat features familiar from previous Forerunners:

  • VO₂max
  • Training Effect
  • Recovery Advisor
  • Heart Rate-Based Calorie Computation

What are the numbers that measure a runner? Watch the video.

Train Smarter with Forerunners 235 and 230

Firstbeat helps runners to train smarter and achieve their goals with these features in Forerunner 235 and 230 GPS watches. Forerunner 230 pairs easily with a chest-worn strap whereas the Forerunner 235 uses optical heart rate measurement from the wrist.

When used with heart rate monitor, VO2 max estimates the maximum volume of oxygen you can consume per minute per kilogram of body weight at max performance. VO2 max is an indication of aerobic capability.

Training Effect
Measures the load applied to your body and displays the impact in relation to your current fitness level. It is an aid to help you train smarter, not harder.

Recovery advisor
Estimates your state of recovery immediately following a run and operates in a countdown mode until the next effort. Recovery can range from 6-96 hours.

Heart Rate-Based Calorie Computation
Accurate and personal calories based on heart rate and runner’s VO2max.

Read more about Firstbeat features in the devices and about the Forerunner product line.

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