TomTom Sports Watches to Deliver New Fitness Insights Powered by Firstbeat Analytics

Jyväskylä, Finland – September 1, 2017 – This week at IFA in Berlin, TomTom introduced a major update, bringing new features powered by Firstbeat to the company’s current sports watch range. The announcement marks the first collaboration between TomTom and Firstbeat. As a result, TomTom sports watch users gain access to personalized insights for smarter workouts, better fitness, and healthier lifestyles.

Firstbeat analytics, now available on board TomTom sports watches, scientifically transform heartbeat data into a set of interconnected, highly-personalized fitness related insights. Specific to these devices are automatic VO2max fitness level detection, Fitness Age, Fitness Points, and a basis for prescribing TomTom’s new Personalized Workouts.

It is now easier than ever to see and understand your current fitness level, set achievable goals, receive level appropriate guidance, monitor progress and gain motivation along the way.

“I always wonder when I exercise whether my efforts have any impact on my fitness level and I know I am not the only one, says Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and managing director of TomTom Consumer. “By introducing Fitness Age and Fitness Points we have now designed a reliable way to measure your fitness level. We are proud to introduce a ‘personal coach on your wrist’ to motivate you when you need to do more and acknowledge your efforts when you’ve done enough.”

“If your goal is to provide feedback that makes sense at personal level and advice that actually works, you need to know something about the individual user,” says Aki Pulkkinen, Firstbeat’s Director of Consumer Technologies. “For sports watches, the ability to detect user fitness levels is the start of something very exciting, it’s the lens that brings the rest of the picture into focus.”

VO2max is the defining metric for cardiorespiratory fitness. It reports the maximum amount of oxygen your body can import, transport to the muscles, and utilize to produce energy aerobically. The relationship between VO2max, health, and well-being is so significant that the American Heart Association recently issued a scientific statement recommending that it be regularly assessed and utilized as a clinical vital sign.

Firstbeat’s ability to automatically detect user fitness levels (VO2max) is based on a smart analysis of heart rate and movement speed data (running and walking), which are interpreted in light of background information provided by the user.

With the promise of helping “unleash a younger you”, Fitness Age offers TomTom users an easily understood and relatable interpretation of their VO2max. To produce this insight, the user’s own VO2max is compared to global fitness norms based on age and gender.

Fitness Points bring the relationship between physical activity and fitness into focus. Rather than describing activity in terms of steps, distance, or duration, Fitness Points reveal a deeper, more meaningful dimension; how those activities will impact the user’s own personal fitness level.

To achieve this Firstbeat relies on a scientifically validated method of tracking exercise intensity in terms of the amount of oxygen required to produce it. Analyzed activity data is then placed in the context of the user’s current fitness level. The greater the effort, the higher the intensity, the more Fitness Points you accumulate. Gain 100 Fitness Points per day to guide you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you hit around 500 Fitness Points, three times a week, your Fitness Age will improve over time.

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