Wareable Tech Awards 2018: 8 New Firstbeat Powered Watches Making Waves

Nov 28 2018 in News

Wearable Devices

The Wareable Tech Awards 2018 shortlist was announced earlier this week, offering a perfect opportunity to reflect briefly on the achievements in wearable technology over the past year.

A total of eight different devices that rely on Firstbeat’s advanced performance analytics were recognized across the Smartwatch of the YearFitness Tracker of the YearSports Watch of the Year, and Fashion Tech of the Year categories.

Remarkably, five different brands (Garmin, Huawei, Huami/Amazfit, Withings, and Montblanc) were responsible for the eight Firstbeat powered devices shortlisted for Wareable Tech Award 2018 honors. Among these Amazfit, Withings, and Montblanc were all first-time Firstbeat collaborators.

Smartwatch of the year

In what is certainly one of the most diverse and demanding categories, a trio of Firstbeat powered devices were selected along with five others for consideration as 2018’s top smartwatch. The line separating smartwatches from fitness and multisport trackers is increasingly blurred as users increasingly expect top-notch health and training data from their wearable devices.

Fitness Tracker of the Year

The Garmin vívosmart 4 made waves in 2018 with the debut of Body Battery™, a new Firstbeat powered insight that brings stress, rest, physical activity, and sleep together in a meaningful way. The ability to see changes in your energy levels throughout the day makes better daily lifestyle choices for health, fitness, and performance easier than ever.

Sports Watch of the Year

Over 22,000 elite athletes across more than a thousand professional, international, and top amateur teams around the world benefit from insights provided by Firstbeat Sports. The same advanced performance analytics that athletes use to enhance performance, reduce injuries, and fast-track development are available to millions of people thanks to devices like these.

Fashion Tech of the Year

A versatile companion created for urban explorers, business travelers and fitness enthusiasts alike, the Montblanc Summit 2 features an exclusive Running Coach app powered by Firstbeat analytics. With the Summit 2, you can easily see how fit you are, how active you need to be to stay healthy and perform better, and track how each run or workout will impact the development of future performance capacity.

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