A Resilient Workforce Boosts Your Bottom Line.

Did you know that your company’s competitiveness is exactly as good as your personnel’s working ability? Yet, without measured data, it’s impossible to know the condition of your employees. What you need is a tool that provides information you can’t get anywhere else. A tool, that also offers each employee better ways to build well-being both at work and leisure.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for Corporations enables you to anticipate, lead with data and create results.

You establish working life. Make it efficient.

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Workforce is Your Best Investment.


Help employees make better lifestyle choices that have a positive effect on their health and see the impact on your KPI’s.


Lead with Data
Get factual data on how your employees are and pinpoint the risks. Act accordingly—target investments, reallocate resources and achieve lower costs.


Create Results
With planned and targeted investments, occupational well-being will improve. Efficiency increases, resources are used more optimally and health care costs go down.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for Corporations enables you to measure your entire staff with one solution.

  • The heart rate variability (HRV) based analysis gives personal information on stress, recovery and exercise.
  • The employees will get individual guidance with their lifestyle choices. The personalized small lifestyle changes will become permanent and well-being will increase.
  • Individuals at risk will be directed to occupational health care so that they can immediately get the help they need.

After Summary report and expert’s recommendations, you are ready to take the next steps towards improved occupational well-being.

  • You will see which teams are at the extremes and which ones still have unused resources. You can make target investments towards the right actions and to the right individuals.
  • Even small changes in effectiveness, well-being and expenses create significant profits and savings at a company level: a proactive approach can be up to ten times more cost-effective in comparison to a reactive approach.
  • Happy and healthy staff is the most valuable resource a company can have. Well-being employees can perform at their best and attract the best talents towards them—now and in the future.

“Firstbeat acts as a wake-up call to the individual. With Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for Corporations, we have been able to provide targeted help and support to our employees.”

– Wellness Manager, Liisa Ilvesmäki-Saarinen, VR

Working Life Is No Longer What It Used to Be. That Is Why We Created the Firstbeat Guide to Supporting Modern Workforce.

With the help of our guide, you too can take your business to the next level. In the guide we explain how you can:

  • Anticipate to upkeep work ability even before productivity decreases.
  • Lead with data, i.e. get factual data on how your employees are and pinpoint the risks.
  • Create results—with planned and targeted investments, occupational well-being will improve.’