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Firstbeat Life is a wellness solution to support your employees’ physical and mental well-being. Find materials that help you run the service from onboarding to value-adding activities. Get to know the materials below!

Stages of the Firstbeat Life service

Onboarding & Recruiting Participants

At the start, you need to collect the participants from your company. Collect them on your own with the help of ready-to-use materials below, or contact us to learn more about other options, such as our online self-sign-up form. After the participant lists are handed over to our Customer Success, we will activate their Firstbeat Life subscriptions.

All participants will receive an email invite with easy-to-follow instructions on how to create their own user accounts in the Firstbeat Life app. They can also order their measurement devices conveniently to their home address from the app.

Marketing Materials Bank

Discover our easy-to-use materials bank to promote the Firstbeat Life service to your employees. Have a look below!

Materials Bank

Firstbeat Life Intro Page

Find a handy webpage to present the Firstbeat Life service in just one click! The page also includes a Day with Firstbeat Life demo. Check it out below.

Intro Page 

Events for the participants

Firstbeat organizes virtual events to support the health and well-being of your employees. We recommend you encourage everyone in your organization to sign up and join the events!

Firstbeat Life Clinics

Our stress and recovery experts regularly host Firstbeat Life Clinics to help participants learn more about their results. See more details and our latest schedule below.

Sign up to Firstbeat Life Clinics 

Corporate Reporting

Firstbeat Life’s corporate reporting helps you to draw decisions with confidence. The insights can help you recognize potential risks that threaten good performance & spirit.

Company Reporting Guide

Find insights on how to interpret the reporting and the recommended next steps to support the well-being of your team.

Download the Guide (.pdf)

Activating Your Employees

We suggest you invite your employees to take regular measurements together. This way, the monthly reporting consists of more data and provides a more accurate base for the reporting.

Work Community Measurement

A simple yet effective activation method! Invite your whole community to find more ways to support stress and recovery balance.

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Download email templates

Team Challenge

The Team Challenges are meant to encourage discussions about well-being themes and, in a positive way, challenge all of us to make small, better choices. Check out our challenge about workday breaks below.

Download the materials

Additional Services

Our optional add-on services support your employees in their journey to stress and recovery balance and improved productivity. Read more about the services we offer below.

Firstbeat Life application

Firstbeat Life Coaching

Why not offer your employees personal 30-minute coaching sessions over the phone! Our trained coaches help your employees learn to make better choices based on their results and reach their goals. You can offer one or more coaching sessions for follow-ups on the impact of the changes and planning of the next steps.

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Firstbeat Life Webinars For Your Company

Benefit from science-based, reliable information to support the well-being of your organization. Our virtual webinars are an excellent way to inspire employees to think of new ideas and make changes that support their stress and recovery balance. They also get to present questions to our experts.

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