Firstbeat Sports allows the individualized monitoring of training loads for each player

Success Story with Edinburgh Rugby

Why are you using the Firstbeat Sports Team?

We have been using the Firstbeat Sports since July 2014 for tracking training loads and responses to different types of training and conditioning. This allows the individualized monitoring of training loads for each player, as well as providing information as to the effects that different training sessions have on players for future planning. In addition, we can assess which players may need fitness ‘top-ups’ based upon analysis of the data gathered.

How are you using it?

We mostly look at Training Effect (TE), which allows for the coaches to have an understanding as to the responses of the players during training and matches. This provides a simple number to give a general overview of how training or a match is going and how the players compare to each other and their past scores. We also look at the time spent in each Training Zone and the distribution of time spent in these zones across different periods of training or a match.

How does it work for a coach?

The reports are created right after training in an easy to read from. We are also able to extract the raw data, should further analysis be required.

Max Rogers, Edinburgh Rugby