Individual Well-Being Plays an Important Role in Specialist Work

Success Story with Federation of Finnish Financial Services

The personnel of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services does knowledge work with devotion! Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment provided the personnel information about their stress and recovery levels as well as an individual plan for promoting occupational well-being. A follow-up measurement illustrated the effects of the lifestyle changes.

During the first Lifestyle Assessment in the fall of 2013, the staff members reported feeling well in general. The effects of set action points, such as increasing the amount of exercise and enhancing recovery were illustrated with a follow-up measurement.

“It seems that even if our personnel are experiencing work-related stress, they also know how to relax at appropriate times. Lifestyle Assessment provided tips on how the employees can affect their coping,” explains Taina Ahvenjärvi, Development and Administration Manager of the Federation of Finnish Financial


Lifestyle Assessment reports provide a comprehensive overview of the person’s life, based on a three-day measurement, illustrating factors that cause stress or recovery both at work and during leisure time. After the measurement, all participants received individual feedback and set goals with a Wellness Specialist. The staff members were excited about the results and looked forward to the feedback sessions. 40 people (out of the personnel of 60) took part in Lifestyle Assessment.

Occupational well-being is an important topic in the Federation of Finnish Financial Services. For example recreational days, specialist lectures and fitness tests are provided to the personnel regularly.

Well-Being via Personalized Plans

“Lifestyle Assessment reports provided me with interesting information about my everyday life. I noticed the importance of sufficient sleep on recovery. I was also relieved to learn that I am exercising enough to promote my well-being,” notes Piia-Noora Kauppi, Managing Director at the Federation of Finnish Financial Services.

The employees of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services mainly experienced tolerable stress, but were also experiencing pressure from external schedules and an increased amount of work.

“Our employees are interested in their well-being and strive to take care of themselves. As an employer, we want to provide them with the time and opportunity to do so. Our specialists are extremely valuable to us. We want to take care of them and also support them in monitoring their wellness and coping. Lifestyle Assessment results illustrated that small changes can have a powerful effect on well-being. It is a versatile and profound solution,” Ahvenjärvi compliments.

Coping in Knowledge Work Is an Important Theme Also in the Future

The Federation of Finnish Financial Services wanted to organize individual feedback meetings in order to ensure that all employees were able to draw up individual action points and wellness plans. Typical wellness goals were related to nutrition, physical activity and rest. Everyone could see the summary of the group result in their intranet.

All participants stated that they would recommend Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to others. They especially liked the individuality of the solution, how easy it was to conduct and how comprehensive the reporting was. A concrete image of your stress and recovery levels showed the truth. For many, it was even a relief.

“The measurement was easy to conduct and it didn’t change my everyday routines at all. This way I was able to get as realistic results as possible,” Kauppi explains.

“From the participant’s point of view, the Lifestyle Assessment is very simple. All you have to do is attach the measurement device to your chest and live your normal life,” Ahvenjärvi points out.

She states that it was worthwhile to also conduct the follow-up measurement. It proved that the employees’ well-being had developed in the right direction, which encouraged them to continue on the same path.  The follow-up measurement also supported the idea of goal-orientation in wellness management, and encouraged people to set new goals.

“My own results were encouraging in that even if I don’t sleep enough, the quality of my sleep is good. Others experienced the same. From an employer’s point of view, Lifestyle Assessment is efficient and beneficial. If you cannot provide it to all your staff, I recommend at least conducting it to risk groups,” Ahvenjärvi concludes.