NHL Player Teuvo Teräväinen Takes a Look at His Training with Firstbeat

Teuvo Teräväinen, 22, plays Center for the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes. Having just finished his fourth season in the league, he recently participated in the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to learn more about the impacts of training on his body and for clues about how to find the right balance between stress and recovery.

“Feedback from my Firstbeat assessment revealed that my training and recovery are headed in the right direction. The results also gave me confidence in my decision making, and insight that will improve my development as an athlete, Teräväinen said.

According to Firstbeat’s Wellness Specialist Jaakko Kotisaari, knowledge is power for athletes hoping to succeed.

“Knowing your recovery status means you can adjust your training intensity accordingly” Kotisaari explains. “Even though athletes are usually skilled at listening to their body and have a sense of their limits, the level of competition is high and the margin for error is small. The analytics we use at Firstbeat take guesswork out of the equation. Access to physiological data we provide gives athletes, like Teräväinen, the ability to optimize their training loads, recovery, and sleep. It also gives them the greatest chance to achieve their goals.”

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