Delivering Better Healthcare: Watch the Video on how NHS Ambulance Workers Improved Their Well-Being

Case NHS

Firstbeat partner Optima Life helped the employees of the NHS North West Ambulance Service to perform and cope better at work as well as in everyday life.

“My driver to access this course was to identify which was likely to kill me first, being a CEO in today’s NHS or simply lifestyle. For me it was lifestyle which won! So I have prioritised where I can, my work /balance, raised my own awareness of stress and how to counterbalance that and take care of myself a little better than before.”
– CEO NHS Foundation Trust Hospital

“The workshop has provided me with personal insight into how my personal well-being does impact on my performance. It has also given me some very practical skills/techniques to enable me to be healthier and to perform even more effectively. This was particularly useful when I had to manage a very difficult issue at work, which I know I was able to handle even more effectively by drawing on the knowledge I had gained through the experience.
I have also shared my learning with my immediate team and they have found some of the practical advice beneficial. In summary, this has been a very cost effective way of ensuring that I am a happier, healthier and even more effective leader.”
– CEO NHS Mental Health Trust