Recovery and Productivity Increased by Lifestyle Assessment

Success Story with Marjo Huhtala

– After seeing the Lifestyle Assessment results, I became more aware of appreciating the basics in daily life. Without the results, I wouldn’t have stopped for a while and made real changes, says Mindset Coach Marjo Huhtala.

Marjo Huhtala, the founder of Mandare Oy, tells her customers about the importance of attitude. With 10 years experience in the field of coaching and organizing various trainin seminars, she has noticed how interested managers and executives are in the topic.

– An attitude is close to self management. If you want to be more productive and perform better, you have to take care of your own wellbeing at first, says Huhtala.

At the end of 2014, she got her own well-being tested with a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, just at the time when she was starting her own business.

– I wanted to get some measured information about my lifestyle. During this very eventful life situation, I wondered if I recovered well enough. It is very hard to realize and evaluate one’s own need for it. Lifestyle Assessment helped me to identify stressful situations and ways to manage stress.

Spending Time with Family Promotes Recovery

During the 3-day measurement, Huhtala wanted to see the impact of different events in her life in the report. She kept a diary where she recorded key activities, such as taking kids to day care, grocery shopping, work-related things, as well as hobbies and other daily chores.

The results of the assessment showed that there was no recovery during workdays. The result was a good reminder that even positive stress can have harmful consequences for health, if prolonged.

– The small amount of recovery came as a big surprise to me. Personal trainers have always told me about the importance of recovery, but I did not realize it until I saw the results. I was excited about having founded my own business, but positive stress is still stress. It is very important to rest in order to get through the long work days in the future. My goal is to fulfill my dreams and be in good physical condition mentally and physically until I am 100 years old.

She found some essential factors in her assessment report that generate recovery and enhance well-being.

– I was delighted to see that attending my daughter’s piano lesson showed up as a moment of recovery in the report, as did easy gardening. The measurement confirmed what I already knew: spending time with my family is an important way for me to recover.

Does Excercising Cause Stress or Improve Well-being?

When Huhtala saw her Lifestyle Assessment results, she decided to make some changes. At first, she focused on her sleep pattern.

– I started to consciously go to bed noticeably earlier, as well as wake up earlier. Now I wake up at 6am without any trouble and I get enough sleep.

Looking at the impacts of exercise, Huhtala got some good insights. She realized that maintaining and improving her physical fitness was essential also in the future. Yet, the feedback from her spinning class showed a state of temporary overload.

– I get energy from exercising, but if I don’t get enough recovery, the exercise does not improve my fitness and well-being. A person is not a robot. Exercise feels better and is more effective when the whole package, including rest and diet, is in check.

A More Realistic Grip on Well-being

The exciting life situation had led to a pattern that despite feeling good, her resources would be consumed in the long run. Changing the pattern to a more positive one regarding overall coping required becoming aware of the situation and small, but influential changes.

– The changes that I made have brought a lot more energy to my life. Before I was efficient, but now I’m also productive! I feel stronger. I listen to my body, and thus have a more realistic hold on my well-being.

Huhtala is satisfied that the first steps towards change have been taken and the direction is right. She is planning a follow-up Lifestyle Assessment to see the impact of the changes.

– I manage both my own well-being and my business in a very determined manner. As human beings, we are often champions at disregarding the basic things in life. This kind of accurate physiological analysis is a unique way of getting detailed information about your body. The results encourage you to get back to basics, re-evaluate and think of ways to optimize them. Well-being requires the right attitude and it starts with daily choices.


Photo: Tiina Latikka