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To Coach or Not to Coach?

18 Sep

Rachel Arkle

Rachel is the founder of Yoke Consultancy, who work with clients to create sustainable cultures that promote performance and well-being. Rachel combines over 15 years management consultancy experience with an MSc in organizational well-being. She helps leaders to challenge organizational and individual assumptions around performance and well-being. A thought leader, Rachel has recently shared her latest insights in her book “The Wellbeing Narrative – Volume 1”, published in partnership with Penguin Random House.

Date & Time: Tuesday, September 18, 3 pm UK
Duration: 30min
Speaker: Rachel Arkle, founder of Yoke Consultancy

What role should, or could, you take whilst using Firstbeat practices in the workplace? The Yoke team have noticed that employee engagement, interest and ambitions vary throughout Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment reporting. With that, the role of the coach could vary, from supportive to directive. In this webinar, Rachel Arkle, the founder of Yoke, debates how and if the coaching role should adapt and what are the resultant benefits to the workplace, if we do.


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