LEHDISTÖTIEDOTE: Uusi Suunto t6 markkinoilla (in English)

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A Personal Training Tool To Optimize Training Results Suunto t6 combines a wristop unit and heart rate belt with the PC software. Unlike conventional heart rate monitors that only measure the heart rate, Suunto t6 measures the time interval between heartbeats and variations in it. From this precise data the Suunto t6 PC software calculates seven different body parameters and shows athletes, in a simple and easy way, how their physical condition is developing. The seven body parameters that Suunto t6 measures from every training session are EPOC*, (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), training effect, heart rate, oxygen consumption, energy consumption, ventilation and respiratory rate. EPOC is the absolute numeric value of oxygen that the body needs after training. EPOC is also a measure of how hard a training session was on one’s body. When related to one’s physical condition, EPOC tells whether the training session has improved one’s condition or not. Knowing the exercise load and training effect helps athletes on every level to make an optimal training plan and to avoid both over and under training. Suunto t6 utilizes the results of physiological research conducted by the Finnish KIHU – Research Institute for Olympic Sports, in cooperation with Firstbeat Technologies Inc. This scientific data enables Suunto t6 to offer users information from every training session that were previously measurable only in laboratory tests. The main functions of Suunto t6 include heart rate monitor with a memory of over 100 000 heartbeats, watch, stopwatch, timer, altimeter and barometer. The Training Manager PC software includes versatile analysis tools, logbook and calendar for training planning. It also allows the exchange of training information over e-mail and on www.suuntosports.com, enabling remote coaching and the sharing of experiences between athletic colleagues and friends. Suunto is the leading manufacturer of sports instruments for a variety of sports, including golf, training, skiing, hiking, diving and sailing. The Company,s focus is on sports activities where advanced measurement technology, data processing and specific algorithms can generate significant performance benefits for active participants. Suunto, headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Helsinki-based Amer Group.