Mennyt webinaari – Nauhoitettu 20 huhti 2016

Brain and Body for Peak Performance

Puhujana Tara Swart

Wed 20th of April 6 pm 

Speaker: Tara Swart, PhD, MD (Oxford), CEO at The Unlimited Mind

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Tara Swart

Dr. Tara Swart is the only leadership coach with a PhD in neuroscience and a successful career as medical doctor behind her. This unique combination of experience comes together to create an uncompromising and holistic impact on performance optimization in businesses globally.

“As a doctor and neuroscientist I find that it is very useful to be able to use scientifically rigorous data in order to help my clients achieve peak performance in their daily lives – at work, in physical activity and in recovery. The clients that we work with at The Unlimited Mind work in high pressure, stressful environments in which they need to be able to sustain their performance level and have reserves to tap into in a crisis. Using the data from the Firstbeat HRV monitors, we are able to create a baseline to work from and show the clients how they can best create an environment for their brain and body to work at its best. We can then do a follow up analysis to show them an ROI for our Leading Sustainable Performance Programmes.”

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