Watch GT

Clever scientific coaching in a powerful GPS smartwatch

Released October, 2018

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Firstbeat features (8)

  • VO2max Fitness Level

    Your true fitness level and key to personalized training guidance.

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  • Training Effect: Aerobic

    Reveal the physiological impact of your activities to find the perfect training for you.

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  • Training Load

    Keep track of the physiological impact of all your training activities over time.

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  • Training Status

    A groundbreaking approach to training effectiveness evaluation.

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  • Recovery Time Advisor

    Ensure adequate recovery to reap the full reward of your efforts.

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  • Personalized Training Plans: Running

    Reach your running goals with expert guidance specifically designed for you.

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  • Calories Burned

    Accurate calorie counts for daily life, top performance, and everything in between.

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  • Race Time Predictor

    See what you can achieve based on your VO2max and adequate training.

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The Huawei Watch GT encourages you to be ready to explore with extended battery life, a combination of 3 satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) for precise location data, and real-time heart rate monitoring.

Going for a run with the Huawei Watch GT will provide feedback about your cardiorespiratory fitness, in the form of VO2max, through analysis of heart rate and performance data powered by the Firstbeat analytics engine.

A combination of fitness and training data is brought together to deliver personalized training reports. These include detailed descriptions of how each of your recorded workouts will influence the development of fitness and how long your body needs to fully recover. The later is an essential part of maximizing the benefit of each workout.

Whether you are preparing for a marathon, half-marathon, 10k or your first 5k, the Huawei Watch GT will take you there safely and effectively. Customized training plans and real-time guidance help ensure that each step you take is one in the right direction.

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Huawei’s Watch GT is a fitness band disguised as a watch, and that’s great.
Vlad Sasov
The Verge

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