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3 Fitness

Fitness, stress and sleep quality monitoring in a smart training watch

Released January, 2018

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The Suunto 3 Fitness is a true fitness tracker. Firstbeat automatically detects your current cardiorespiratory fitness level during runs and walking activities. Measured in terms of VO2max, your fitness level holds the key to your device offering personalized feedback and training guidance. Knowing your fitness level and watching it change over time is also a powerful source of motivation.

Need extra motivation to boost your fitness? Fitness Age is a relatable interpretation of VO2max that based on global norms for fitness across different age groups. Lower your Fitness Age with regular activity performed with enough intensity to stimulate improvement in your cardiorespiratory fitness.

An intelligent adaptive training program lights the path towards better fitness by ensuring you always know what your next workout should be. Miss a workout, or go harder than expected, your training program recognizes your situation and adjusts to keep you on track.

More than just a fitness tracker, the Suunto 3 Fitness goes to the next level with stress, recovery, and sleep quality monitoring powered by the Firstbeat analytics engine. Stress and recovery are detected throughout the day and interpreted to reveal your body’s resource levels. Stress and physical activity deplete your resources. Moments of recovery and sleep replenish them. The Suunto 3 Fitness offers special insight into sleep with the help of Firstbeat’s sleep quality analysis, designed to reveal the restorative power of your sleep.

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“The best feature of the 3 Fitness is the adaptive training plan. You input your height and weight, and it incorporates all your health data—your heart rate variability during recorded exercise, and your previous workouts—to give you a target amount of time and intensity to work out for every seven days to improve your overall fitness level, as measured by your VO2 max, or the amount of oxygen you can use during exercise.”

– Adrienne So,

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