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Your heart has an important story to tell, the story of your life.
At Firstbeat we use that story to help you make the best health, fitness and performance decisions possible.

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Firstbeat means personalized insights based on strong science in actionable form.

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  • VO2max Fitness Level - Firstbeat Feature

    VO2max Fitness Level

    Your true fitness level and key to personalized training guidance.

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  • Training Effect: Aerobic - Firstbeat Feature

    Training Effect: Aerobic

    Reveal the physiological impact of your activities to find the perfect training for you.

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  • All-day Stress & Recovery - Firstbeat Feature

    All-day Stress & Recovery

    Reveal how your body responds to the challenges of life and environment.

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  • Training Status - Firstbeat Feature

    Training Status

    A groundbreaking approach to training effectiveness evaluation.

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