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Insights are the key tool for learning more about you! We analyze the raw data and provide understandable actionable benefits regarding your training, stress, recovery and sleep. We highlight your healthy habits and tell how to improve your life! Discover how Firstbeat brings science and technology together for better performance and wellness.

Fitness and Sports

Fitness Level

Fitness level (VO2max) is the absolute measure for health and fitness. Typically available only for athletes, and done with exhausting laboratory tests, but we can estimate it from your heartbeat! Now you can see your fitness and how it’s improving!

How it works?
Firstbeat detects VO2max from any freely performed running or cycling workout based on the heart rate response and external workload. Estimation is very accurate: 95% when compared to VO2max lab test. Accuracy is gained by automatically filtering in good quality and reliable data to perform the VO2max estimate.

Estimation is available for running based on running speed (GPS, foot pod) and for cycling based on power meter watt data.

Below are two examples of the fitness level feedback. From the feedback you can:

  • Check your fitness level (ml/kg/min)
  • See how your fitness improves over time
  • Compare your result with age and gender reference
  • Get different race time prediction (e.g. marathon race time) based on your fitness level.

Example illustrations on fitness level feedback.

Fitness level


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Training Effect

Training effect tells you the impact of aerobic exercise on your body, whether it keeps you fit or improves your fitness. No more guesswork – discover how effective your exercise really is and avoid too high load.

How it works?

Training Effect is calculated based on user profile and the intensity and the duration of the workout (peak EPOC reached). Training Effect is scaled automatically according to each individual’s fitness level  and training historysince the impact of workout on the body is dependent also on these factors. Fit and trained individuals need harder training to further improve fitness as compared with less fit and less trained individuals. Training Effect accumulates during the workout, starting from level 1.0. In hard training sessions you may reach values up to 4.0 (Highly improving training effect) or even higher. Try to perform 1-2 improving workouts (TE 3.0-4.5) per week, and a few easy or maintaining workouts in addition. Training Effect 5.0 means temporary overload (overreaching). You may perform such hard workouts occasionally but should also recognize the increasing risk of overstraining your body.

Example of Training Effect phrasing

1.0 - 1.9.EasyThis is an easy workout for you
2.0-2.9Maintaining workoutThis workout helps to keep you fit
3.0-3.9Improving FitnessThis intensive exercice improved your fitness
4.0-4.9Highly ImprovingSubstantial effect on your fitness
5.0Overreaching (too much!)Very hard exercise, rest required


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Energy Expenditure

Energy expenditure is the most accurate estimation of burned calories when calculated from heartbeat data. It knows the difference between fats and carbs, and what is the optimal fat burn heart rate for you! For any exercise and daily life, personalized and based on physiology – no more false steps and false kcal.

How it works?
Firstbeat’s energy expenditure algorithm is accurate during all phases of exercise – from rest to maximal intensity and during varying intensity exercise. High accuracy is achieved by modelling respiration rate, heart rate and VO2 dynamics (on/off responses).

The algorithm utilizes measurement history, and thus, the accuracy improves with more measurements personalized to user’s fitness level.

Empirically validated (error 5-7%).


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Recovery Advisor

Recovery advisor keeps track of your physiological state so you know when to take it easy and when you are ready for the next intensive run. After the workout, it shows the time your body needs to recover before the next effort, so you can optimize the balance between rest and training.

How it works?

To gauge estimated recovery time after the workout, your personal cumulative load during a workout (EPOC, Training Effect) and daily response to exercise are measured. Available for all aerobic exercises, most detailed information available for running when running speed is available or for cycling with power (watts).

Recovery advisor includes:

Recovery time after exercise

  • Tracks personal cumulative body loading during a workout and daily response to exercise to gauge estimated required recovery time to train again.

Warm-up readiness check

  • Tracks daily performance and indicates whether body is able to respond to training well today.
  • Warm-up readiness check available for running / cycling only.

Adaptive Coaching

Adaptive coaching is a highly personal training tool. It prescribes you the workouts that are suitable for your fitness level and personal goals, and knows when you should rest or take it easy. The right choice for training from beginners learning how to exercise to keep-fit enthusiasts willing to optimizing their training.

How it works?

Firstbeat engine tracks user fitness and training data in the background to prescribe optimal training load. By automatically detecting user workout patterns it is possible to adjusts each recommended workout accordingly.

coaching advice

Real-time Guidance

Real-time Guidance will help you to get the most out of your workout. Set fitness goals for your run and you will be guided to keep up the right intensity in order to get the results you wanted.

Daily Performance

Daily performance shows your running performance during the current run in relation to your average performance during the previous sessions. Now you are able to separate the good days from the bad ones and know when you are ready to break your personal records! See how fatigue affects your performance during the run and you can make the right decisions before the finish line.

Race Time Prediction

Race time prediction is the estimated time to complete your running goals. Whether it’s a 5K or a marathon you can see how long it would take to triumph them.  Improve your fitness for faster times, set your own race time goals and start training!

Anaerobic Threshold

Anaerobic threshold is your optimum performance intensity (pace and heart rate). It is the level of intensity at which lactate starts to build up in your body faster than it can be cleared, causing rapid increase in fatigue. So train near your anaerobic threshold to increase it – and decrease your race times!


Stress & Recovery

Stress and recovery keep us going every day. Stress gets things done, while recovery balances us to have more energy to use. We can tell if you are recovering enough and how high your stress was during the Monday meeting. Do you feel stressed? How about seeing it?

Sleep Quality Index

Sleep quality index is the most valuable information from your night. It isn’t about how much you hands move while you sleep, but how your heart adapts and are you getting enough recovery. Learn how your actions prior to bedtime effect on you and whether you are getting the most out of your sleep. Better sleep means more energy and better life!

Body Resources

Body resources are the energy sources we consume during the day when working, exercising and with overall activity. Relaxing weekends and a good night’s sleep give us more energy to use for all things in life. Now you can see if you recover all that used energy back or if that sleep debt is catching on you!

Physical Activity Score

Physical Activity Score tells the impact of daily physical activities and training on your fitness and health. Let’s face it – there’s nothing personal in 10’000 steps. For some it’s a struggle and for others a daily routine. We know how intensive those active minutes are and tell you the personal fitness and health benefits!