Advanced performance analytics for stress, recovery and exercise.

Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics and services for well-being and sports. We transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery. Over the course of two decades, we have helped over 10,000 organizations and thousands of sports teams worldwide to reach their health and performance potential with science-backed confidence. Today, Firstbeat services are offered in more than 70 countries.

Strong Basis on Research

Background in Exercise and Physiological Science

Firstbeat has developed revolutionary analytics technology that creates a digital model of user’s physiology through  advanced modelling of heart function and heart rate variability (HRV). The background of Firstbeat is in exercise and physiological sciences and our products are based on physiology research.

Firstbeat Science

80 Specialists

We employ over 80 specialists in physiology, analytics, sports technologies and well-being. Firstbeat analytics software based solutions are based on a unique combination of physiology, mathematical modeling, product designs and utilizing years of research with HRV methods. We have analyzed several trillions of heart beats.

Altogether millions of individuals are already using Firstbeat analytics to promote sports performance and healthy life.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help every individual reach their health and performance potential with science-backed confidence. As a company, we are committed to work with partners that share our vision to provide everyone access to actionable feedback on wellness and performance, whether in competitive sports, personal fitness or the corporate world.

Based on 20 Years of Scientific Research and Work With Professional Athletes and Top Companies

We have enabled millions of people in over 70 countries to reach their health and performance potential.


Our innovations are built on over two decades of heart rate variability research.


10,000+ organizations and around 1,000 partners globally.


Trusted by 1,000+ teams, including NBA, NFL, NHL and Champions League clubs.

Our Team

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