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Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics and services for well-being and sports. We transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery. Over the course of two decades, we have helped over 10,000 organizations and thousands of sports teams worldwide to reach their health and performance potential with science-backed confidence. Today, Firstbeat services are offered in more than 70 countries.

Do you want to be involved in enhancing the well-being of millions of people? Become a part of our constantly growing, emerging, international team and work with the industry’s leading heart rate technology and top-level teams! Check out our vacancies, find the job of your dreams, or send us an open application. You can also find us at #firstbeatworks.

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I like it that sometimes I need to learn new things. Colleagues at Firstbeat are great and the employer puts effort on keeping up a good team spirit and keeping employees healthy. Also combining work and family life has been easy at Firstbeat.
Mikko Salonen
Biomedical Engineer, Research Team
At Firstbeat you have the chance to grow your expertise across a variety of sectors and be a part of developing our products and services. Best of all, we get to improve people's understanding of their own well-being! We also have a great bunch of people who work at Firstbeat!
Maria Perkola
Head of Customer Success, Wellness Team
We have great people all around, both in software development and in other tasks. It is a joy to work with them and to know that the tools we create help people to improve their lives.
Antti Kuusela
Senior Software Developer, Wellness R&D
I am an avid software developer, and I like to learn new things. Over the past year I have learned to operate in cloud platforms, and the team has been a great support in my personal development. At this work, you also learn a great deal about your own wellbeing and body reactions.
Sanna Laitinen
Software Developer, Wellness Team
I develop the core analytical methods with experts in physiology and many other fields. In addition to programming, my job is full of interesting problems and even more interesting solutions. For a data professional, Firstbeat is an exceptionally interesting place to work. The people here are also very nice to work with. One of the best things in working for Firstbeat is the purpose - to improve everyone's life.
Tuukka Ruhanen
Lead Data Scientist, Research Team
My job at Firstbeat provides a lot of freedom to create my schedule as far as travel and meetings with clients/leads. It also offers an open dialogue with the R/D and marketing teams to decide as a team the best ways to move forward. The best thing about my job is being able to be on site and in the locker rooms of some of the biggest sports teams in the United States.
Benjamin Jensen
North American Sales Manager

Well-being as a value and a culture

Well-being is easy to talk about, but actions often remain superficial and can get lost in the working day. For us, the well-being of our staff is important and its impact should be visible and feel tangible in everyday life.

Flexible working time helps to reconcile work and leisure in different life situations.

Comfortable work spaces and modern equipment ensure that work is smooth and meaningful.

Lunch vouchers keep your stomach and wallet full.

Bonus programs encourage, motivate, reward, and add to each other’s enjoyment.

Widespread occupational healthcare supports health and enables rapid treatment in the event of illness or accident.

Our own products provide the knowledge and equipment for generating total well-being in work and leisure.

Weekly exercise hour refreshes and brings people together

An essential part of Firstbeat’s positive wellness culture is the weekly ’free hour’ available to staff during the working week. It’s designed to support workouts, to give joy to body and mind, and to promote community. The allocated hour isn’t a competition, rather a nice combination of different experiences and cultures. Between playing golf, kicking a ball around, skating, playing tennis or stretching your muscles, there is always something to get involved in. Alternatively, enjoy a leisurely morning coffee in a quiet square, or finish a crossword if that’s more your style.

”Joint activities bring people together, and many have found a new hobby for themselves. Being together with the rest of the workplace, it also gives you the opportunity to get to know colleagues better and to create new friendships. Whatever the activity, the biggest prize beyond fitness is that the group is in a good mood and enjoys each other’s company – even outside working hours!”

Jaakko Kotisaari, Firstbeat Wellness Specialist

”Moving throughout working hours is a big positive for us, and, therefore, Firstbeat has been moving together since its inception. As a wellness company, it is important for us to practice what we preach and to represent the values we genuinely market. One hour of activity a week can sound like nothing but it is a concrete and really effective way to promote not only the workforce’s workload, but also the corporate spirit of the company.”

Juho Tuppurainen, Firstbeat Vice President