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Bringing physiological facts
into wellness services.

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Measure the balance between stress and recovery
for better health and improved performance.

As a wellness coach, corporate coach, fitness professional, physiotherapist, or occupational health provider, you can benefit from physiological measurements to deliver individualized, fact-based services to your clients.

Enhanced Coaching and Wellness Services with Physiological Data

Accurate physiological data allows you to understand your clients’ wellness status and identify potential health risks and make better coaching decisions. It helps you to deepen and lengthen your client relationships, and to provide more impactful services.

The platform includes:

Firstbeat Life mobile app for monitoring stress, recovery, sleep and exercise.

Personal measuring device for highly accurate heart rate variability measurements.

Firstbeat Life Admin tool to access client’s measurement data, results and reports

Group reporting for identifying trends, risk factors and the effectiveness of actions.

Firstbeat Life

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See the Effects of Your Client’s Daily Choices

Firstbeat Life connects the dots between the body’s reactions and daily activities. It turns stress, recovery, sleep and exercise data into actionable insights – inspiring positive lifestyle changes.


Use Firstbeat Life to Bring Physiological Insights into Wellness Services

Stress Management

  • Assess the amount of stress during day and night. Are the stress levels in control or is there too much stress?
  • Identify which activities or times of day are causing stress. Is it work, leisure time or unhealthy daily choices that cause negative stress?
  • Discover daily choices that help to manage stress and improve resilience.


  • Check if there is enough recovery from the daily load.
  • Is the recovery sufficient, considering training and other stress factors?
  • Identify what kind of activities promote recovery.


  • Identify which daily activities and behaviors influence recovery during sleep. How restorative is the sleep?
  • See if there is enough sleep during the night.
  • Assess the quality of recovery during sleep.

Physical Exercise

  • Test fitness levels with a safe and easy 30 min. walking test.
  • Monitor if fitness levels are improving over time.
  • See if there is enough physical activity to get good health effects.
  • Check if it is smart and safe to increase training load.

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Firstbeat Life Features and Benefits

The Firstbeat Life solution is designed to complement your health and wellness programs and can be used for individuals, groups and companies. Use the Firstbeat Life Admin Tool to easily add new clients to the service, access physiological reporting, and manage clients’ device setups and licenses.

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You can add new customers and acquire starter packages and license months for them as needed.

You will see the same results as the user, but in the form of an easy report. The entire measurement history is available to you. Together, you can track results and identify areas for improvement.

Firstbeat Life työhyvinvointi - Yritysyhteenveto

Monitor the well-being of your client’s staff. Based on anonymous group data you can follow company-level trends and job satisfaction, identify potential risks and see Firstbeat Life use activity.

Firstbeat Life Corporate Feature - Group results

Reporting also includes group-level reports. You will be able to follow the development of well-being and make comparisons between different groups, for example.

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Firstbeat Life is a physiology and heart rate variability-based measurement platform specially designed for use in professional wellness and fitness services. Download a free demo video to learn more.

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Firstbeat Life

Effective for Everyone

With Firstbeat Life, each user sees the effects of everyday activities and receives individual actionable guidance for managing stress and recovery.

Data to Support Decision making

Ensure the effectiveness of actions, identify potential risk factors at company and group level and promote health with data.

Real Results

Improve people's resilience and performance at work, help work communities improve productivity and reduce medical costs.

The most accurate data and analytics

Take advantage of world-leading physiological measurement data and analytics as part of your services. Track the results and impact of your customers’ lifestyle changes with science-backed confidence.

Support employee health risk management

Firstbeat Life connects employees, employers and service providers. The aim is to identify the challenges of stress and recovery and to anticipate potential risks to corporate well-being and health in a timely manner.

Improved customer retention

Go from one-time measurements and projects to ongoing collaboration. Based on your measurement data observations, you can target your services more effectively to help your business grow and thrive.

Easy UX and logistics

Dedicated platform for all admin tasks and reporting whenever needed. The users receive Firstbeat Life starter package direct to their door and get access to instant in-app results.

“I wanted to have something that is science based, something reliable, and I knew Firstbeat Life is really one of a kind.”

Satu Ahlman, Founder, Saga Performance: transformation programs for corporates and private clients

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Firstbeat Life supporting Saga Performance

How to Get Started with Firstbeat Life

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2) Dive deeper in the partners’ online course

Take our online course – you will learn how to take advantage of the various features Firstbeat Life offers and become an official service provider.

3) Get license months and starter packages

With your Admin credentials, you can purchase starter packages for your customers and specify the duration of licenses for different users.

4) Accelerate sales and marketing

Implement Firstbeat Life as part of your services. To promote the benefits, you get access to a material bank where you can find ready-made sales and marketing materials.

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