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Firstbeat Life connects the dots between your body’s reactions and daily activities, so that you know how to increase your well-being. Learn how to manage stress, recover enough, sleep better, and exercise correctly.

Overall well-being 

Make Positive Changes for Healthier Everyday Life

Each of us reacts differently to certain situations. With accurate physiological measurement and personalized recommendations, you will understand what is right for you and boost your resources. You will learn to identify the daily stressors and the impact of your daily choices on your well-being. This will make it easier for you to make small changes towards a more balanced day-to-day life.


Watch in real-time and after each measurement how you respond throughout the day. Identify moments of stress and recovery, the amount and intensity of exercise, and how well you sleep.

The overall picture of your well-being at a glance. Total scores consider the areas of stress and recovery, sleep, and health effects of exercise. Monitor the state and development of your well-being.

Understand your body’s resource levels. Find out when you are grinding yourself down and understand when you’re ready to bounce back stronger.

After each measurement you will receive a detailed analysis of your well-being and concrete instructions for the future. The app will also notify you if your recovery is exceptionally poor.

92% of our clients improve their well-being.

Stress & recovery

Stress Isn’t Always Bad

An appropriate amount of stress improves your mental and physical performance in the short term. You don’t need to avoid stress altogether but you do need enough rest to establish a healthy stress and recovery balance.

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Firstbeat Life™ App - Stress and Recovery Balance

Good quality sleep, fitness, and healthy nutrition support resilience and effective stress and recovery balance.

Find Balance in Your Life to Increase Your Energy Levels

Firstbeat Life shows how much of your day is spent experiencing stress and how successfully you offset those moments with recovery. It helps you to take small but actionable steps towards a better stress and recovery balance.

See if you have enough recovery in your day in relation to stress. The amount of stress varies but typically is around 40–65 % in a day.

See in detail how much stress and recovery you experience per day – both during the daytime and at night. You can find out if you recover enough and when you have too much stress.

You will get concrete times and insights of the most stressful periods and the periods with the best daytime recovery.


You Might Sleep, But Not Recover

Sleep’s main purpose is to recover and recharge physiologically and psychologically. But if your sympathetic nervous system is dominant during sleep, you won’t fully recover – no matter of the sleep duration.

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Firstbeat Life - Sleep Better

Common causes of poor recovery during sleep include; alcohol, illness, pain, stress, poor physical fitness, and activating tasks close to bedtime.

Understand the Factors That Affect Your Sleep

Firstbeat Life allows you to see if your sleep was long enough and if you achieved enough recovery to leave you refreshed and recharged. You’ll discover how good sleep starts with what you do in the daytime and learn how to identify factors that weaken your sleep, well before you get into bed.

Restorative effect of sleep

See if you got enough recovery overnight. Recovery during sleep is affected by sleep duration and quality and amount of recovery. Good quality sleep increases your resources so you will be resilient even during busy and more stressful times.

Check how much sleep you got and whether it was enough. The recommended sleep duration for adults is 7–9 hours. The need for sleep varies individually and at different times. As the load increases, the need for sleep increases.

Quality & amount of recovery during sleep

Sleep made up of 75% recovery is considered a good result. The quality of recovery means that the amount of heart rate variability during the sleep period increases with recovery and decreases as the body is loaded.

We have helped over 300,000 people to make real change.


Exercise Supports Your Health and Well-being

Exercise has been shown to have positive effects on the well-being of both body and mind. Even a small increase in activity and light daily exercise can boost your health. In addition, exercise refreshes the mind and supports sleep and recovery.


Firstbeat Life App - Exercise right

People who are physically active have a better balance between stress and recovery, and recover more quickly from stressful days.

Match Exercise to Your Daily Load and Fitness Level

Firstbeat Life evaluates your maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) based on your heart rate data and relates it to your fitness level during the day. This will help you move at the right intensity and reach your exercise and fitness goals.

Health Effects of Physical Activity

See if you are physically active enough to achieve health benefits. All activity counts but the more vigorous your exercise, the more it affects your score.

The amount of exercise shows how much brisk and strenuous exercise as well as lighter everyday activity was included in your day. You will also see the energy consumption as well as the walking and running steps accumulated during the day.

Firstbeat Life Training effect

The Training Effect shows you the impact of your physical activity, helps to adjust the intensity of your exercise and ensure that you recover adequately based on the total stress load of everyday life.

Firstbeat Life Fitness Level

With a 30-minute fitness level walk, you get an accurate estimate of your maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max). Good physical condition supports health and helps you to recover better.

Firstbeat Life Key Analytical Features

Stress and recovery balance and assessment of recovery adequacy

Analysis of respiration rate, oxygen & energy consumption

Identification of exercise and analysis of training effect

Leading HRV and autonomic nervous system analytics

Analysis of body resource consumption and accumulation

Personalized recommendations and insights based on results

Automatic body motion and activity recognition

Automatic sleep detection, sleep quality and recovery analytics

Notes & recommendations of anomalous or alarming results

High-end digital modelling of body reactions

Assessment of fitness level (VO2max)

Firstbeat Life Is Used in Different Wellness and Health Services

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Based on 20 Years of Scientific Research and Work With Professional Athletes and Top Companies

We have enabled millions of people in over 70 countries to reach their health and performance potential.

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Our innovations are built on over two decades of heart rate variability research.

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