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BC Pharmaserv Marburg

From Data to Court – Using Firstbeat in Women’s Basketball to Optimize Training and Recovery

In the world of competitive sports, every advantage counts. For women athletes, whose training needs and recovery patterns often differ from their male counterparts, understanding the intricacies of internal load…

Why Nearly 50% of NHL Teams Rely on Firstbeat for Results

Since 2008, Firstbeat Technologies has played a part behind the scenes at many of the North American league’s 31 franchises.

Ingrid van Kamperdijk-Maas

Using Firstbeat as a Tool in Treating and Preventing Burnout

Ingrid van Kamperdijk-Maas is a Netherlands-based coach specializing in working with employees placed on long-term sick leave caused by stress and burnout. Ingrid helps her clients to successfully reintegrate into…


Investing in Long-Term Player Development with Finnish Ice Hockey Champions Tappara

“I think it’s important to develop the players all the way from a young age progressing towards the elite league. We have a strength and conditioning team that involves coaches from U18 and U20. We meet on a regular basis.”

Riku Aalto, entrepreneur, Personal Trainer and physiotherapist, Impulssi Coaching

Using Firstbeat Life as A Tool for Holistic Personal Trainers

Riku Aalto is a long-time personal trainer and a pioneer in professional well-being coaching in Finland. In addition to coaching, Riku’s 25-year career has involved work as a trainer, innovator,…

Coach Emmi Lohva

A Responsible Approach to Coaching – Towards Sustainable Lifestyle Changes with Firstbeat Life

Emmi Lohva is a coach working with clients who struggle with making changes during busy periods of their lives. In this article, Emmi talks about how she uses Firstbeat Life…

Elite Personal Trainer, Luke Worthington

Making Well-Being Quantifiable with the Use of Firstbeat Data

As a Personal Trainer, continuously improving your product is the key to creating a successful business. But with only so many hours in a day, there comes a point where…

Leksands IF

Getting Started with Firstbeat Sports – Leksands IF User Story

Jesper Gillerås is the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Leksands IF, a Swedish ice hockey team competing in the SHL, Sweden’s top-tier league. In this interview, Jesper talks about why…


Monitoring Internal Load with Los Angeles Football Club

Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), is a professional soccer team competing in Major League Soccer. In 2022, LAFC won the MLS Cup for the first time and the Supporters’ Shield,…

RASTA Vechta

Shooting For The Top Again with RASTA Vechta and Firstbeat Sports

RASTA Vechta is a basketball team currently playing in the Pro A, the second division of professional basketball in Germany. We recently spoke with Vechta’s Performance Coach, Domenik Theodorou, to…