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Northants Cricket

Using Firstbeat to assess recovery during tournament competition

Tournament competition can make it hard for players to recover

OverActive Media

OverActive Media using Firstbeat to boost performance and well-being in esports

Firstbeat analytics are making their mark in the world of esports.

Tom George

Firstbeat athlete profile: Tom George

See how an elite athlete uses Firstbeat to aid training, recovery and performance

Colin Thomas, BMI Healthcare

Corporate wellness and world class athletes: Same technology, different uses

For long-distance runners competing at the elite level, monitoring internal physiology is an effective tool in the pursuit of performance. But the same analytics used by some of the finest…

Pato Branco

Samba Success: Conquering Brazilian Futsal Using Firstbeat Technology

Brazil and soccer go hand in hand. The national team has been a dominant force for generations and the five-time World Cup winners have produced some of the most iconic…

Firstbeat’s Long-Standing Relationship with the NHL Continues to Bring Results

The NHL is the premier ice hockey league in the world. It is where the best coaches and players on the planet aspire to be. Since 2008, Firstbeat Technologies has played a…

Texas Tech University

Firstbeat Sports at the NCAA Division I Level: How Texas Tech Ensures Recovery and Educates Student-Athletes

Firstbeat Sports at the NCAA Division I Level: How Texas Tech Ensures Recovery and Educates Student-Athletes


How Firstbeat Fits in Lendlease’s Health and Well-being Framework for Employees

See how Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is incorporated into the employee well-being framework of one of the leading property companies in the world.

USA Field Hockey

How USA Women’s Field Hockey Uses Firstbeat Sports Data Throughout the Season

USA Women’s Field Hockey strength & conditioning coach, Nick Shedd, explains how they use Firstbeat Sports and reveals some typical results they see.


The Role of a Follow-up Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment in Achieving Behavior Change

Conducting a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment gives an individual a better understanding of how their body is reacting to the lifestyle and routine they are living. By measuring periods of stress,…