Athlete monitoring and management solution

Firstbeat Sports

Make data-driven decisions. Support training, recovery, and performance goals.

Instant access to data and performance insights

Review team and individual responses to your most recent session, track long-term trends, compare your squad, and send detailed reports to athletes and coaches.

Firstbeat Sports Dashboard | Daily insights

A day-by-day summary of your team’s training responses. Pinpoint successful days and red flag situations.

Firstbeat Sports Dashboard | Session insights

Dig deeper into specific sessions and compare athletes across four metrics at once in ranking view.

Firstbeat Sports Dashboard | Historical insights

Compare results from session-to-session to identify long-term trends and track, e.g., training periodization.

Firstbeat Sports Dashboard | Reporting insights

Send athletes their individual data reports to increase buy-in. Send to chosen staff, too.

Real-time monitoring

Live training load and intensity data with a reduced workload

Remove the guesswork and make sure the session is meeting the physiological goals set. React in the moment and get automated feedback straight after the session.

Firstbeat Sports | Real-time view

View up to 6 metrics for each athlete alongside team averages. Choose from 13 metrics including HR, TRIMP, Training Effect + more.

Firstbeat Sports | Athlete monitoring

Use the Firstbeat Sports: Coach app to view real-time data on multiple devices at the same time. Staff stays up-to-date wherever they are during practice.

Firstbeat Sports | Instant feedback

Data is constantly updated in real-time and ready for you to review as soon as you finish the session.

Firstbeat Sports | Continuous data collection

Firstbeat Sports Sensor’s in-built memory for data collection regardless of range. Ready for post-session analysis.

New Premium+ Feature

A summary report that allows coaches to see key training load data over a 7-day period and track long-term progression over the previous 12 weeks.

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Recovery monitoring

Confirm your athletes are ready for practice and game day

Assess individual and group recovery with a 3-minute test and dive deeper to see how sleep and stress are affecting your athletes’ recovery.

Firstbeat Sports | Quick Recovery Test

Gauge your squad’s recovery status before training with a 3-minute test. Inform training decisions and support athlete welfare.

Firstbeat Sports | Quick Recovery Test

Athletes can conduct a Quick Recovery Test remotely using the Firstbeat Sports: Athlete app.

Firstbeat Sports feature | Stress and recovery

Observe recovery and monitor stress levels over a full 24-hour cycle, including sleep, using the Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 device.

performance management

The most comprehensive performance analytics in team sports

50+ metrics covering training load, intensity, fitness, performance, stress, movement, and recovery insights brought together in one place.

Firstbeat Sports Metric | Training Status

Training Status factors in Acute Training Load, ACWR, and Recovery for instant insight into an athlete’s status.

Internal Load

Track the most important internal load metrics like TRIMP, Training Effect, ACWR + more.

External Load

Movement Load and Movement Intensity data add context to internal load data. More about the external load metric here →.

Firstbeat Sports | Analysis services

Have a specific data need or request? Firstbeat’s sports science team provides customized analytics and trend reporting depending on your offering. More details here →.

athlete involvement

Make your athletes stakeholders in their data

Tools to increase buy-in and make your athletes part of the data collection process so they can support and optimize their own performance.

Firstbeat Sports: Athlete app

Athletes can easily access their own training and recovery data, upload remote workouts, and conduct Quick Recovery Tests.

Firstbeat Sports Feature | Automated reporting

Send individual athletes their latest training reports to reinforce training outcomes and takeaways.

Firstbeat Sports Feature | Garmin Health API

Integrate training data from Garmin wearable devices with Firstbeat Sports using Garmin Connect to complete the training picture.

data export and API Integrations

Streamline your data collection process

Integrate Firstbeat Sports analytics into other athlete monitoring solutions, import outside data into Firstbeat Sports, and export data for deep analysis.

See which solutions are compatible with Firstbeat Sports 

Firstbeat Sports feature | Data export

Export over 50 variables for deeper analysis and to create your own data library.

Firstbeat Sports | API integrations

Integrate Firstbeat Sports data into a number of different athlete monitoring solutions.

Firstbeat Sports | Customized API solutions

Have an in-house athlete monitoring solution or system? We can integrate Firstbeat Sports data into your current structure.

Making informed decisions is crucial to maximize your team’s potential

How to Use Firstbeat Sports in Practice - A Quick Guide for Coaches

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Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Bodyguard 3 for efficient data collection

Athletes can “put on the Sensors and go” thanks to in-built memory and an embedded processor. The Firstbeat Bodyguard 3 provides accurate post-session insights without testing.

See technical specs here (.pdf)

Firstbeat Sports Sensor

Lightweight, water, and shockproof Sensor worn by athletes to collects training load and recovery data. Compatible with the Firstbeat Sports app.

Firstbeat Bodyguard2

R-R interval recording device for short and long-term measurements. Used for stress and sleep monitoring.

Why Firstbeat Sports?

Free Yourself from Technical Hitches and Focus on Coaching​

Usage of Firstbeat Sports is easy – players simply put on the Sensor and go! Interpret the results immediately in real-time while the platform handles all data-collection for you.

S&C coach or sports scientist presence isn’t required.
Start usage out-of-the-box, both indoors and outdoors.
Fully automatized process saves your valuable time.
Streamline your data-collection needs with one tool.

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