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Optimize training, recovery, and performance with comprehensive physiological analytics.
Firstbeat Sports Athlete Monitoring and Analytics

Optimize players training in real-time and after sessions with the leading physiological performance modelling and analysis

Simple set-up – Focus on the session, not the technology

Data that mattersTrack internal and external load in real time and post-analysis

Collect & access everywhere At practice, in the gym, in games, during remote training

Start conversations – Support coaching decisions and athletes with easy-to-share insights

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Optimize performance with Firstbeat Sports

Optimize Performance

Individualize training based on what works best for each athlete.

Reduce Injury Risk

Manage load and recovery with accurate and instant data.
Fast-track athlete development with Firstbeat Sports

Fast-Track Athlete Development

Help athletes reach their potential by teaching them how to listen to their bodies.

A solution that serves every part of your monitoring needs

Firstbeat Sports combines the most comprehensive analytics in team sports with a customizable interface to support real-time monitoring, recovery monitoring, performance management, and much more.

The result? Data-driven decisions that support your athletes and team training, recovery, and performance goals.

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Real-time monitoring | Firstbeat Sports

Live training load and intensity data with a reduced workload.

Recovery Monitoring | Firstbeat Sports

Confirm your athletes are ready for practice and game day.

Performance Management | Firstbeat Sports

The most comprehensive performance analytics in team sports.

Firstbeat Provides Tools For​ Individualized Performance Management

Training planning

Identify training balance and readiness to train​.

Injury risk management​

Identify early signs of anomalities in accumulated load and recovery​.

Recovery & resilience​

Build robust athletes that learn best recovery practices​.

Team training​

Monitor load to identify individual responses​.

Return to play​

Increase load progressively during return to play process​.

Sleep and wellbeing​

Educate athletes to behave like athletes – 24/7​.

Game day optimization​

Controlled execution of training loads and drills in pre-game practices​.

On & off-season training​

Guidance to train correctly, training tolerance: build strong and resilient athletes with proper training loads​.

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From US colleges to the Champions League and even the World Cup, the best soccer teams around the world continue to utilize the Firstbeat Sports solution, year after year. Click to read more.

Firstbeat Sports for Soccer
Ice Hockey Athlete Monitoring Training
Firstbeat Sports in

Ice Hockey

Firstbeat Sports data has been used in ice hockey for over a decade, with over half of NHL franchises and several national federations utilizing the technology as part of their training and recovery guidance. Click to read more.

Firstbeat Sports for Ice Hockey
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From the NCAA to the NBA, basketball’s small roster size and position specialization makes it the perfect team sport to maximize the potential of an individualized approach to performance and recovery management. Click to read more.

Firstbeat Sports for Basketball

Trusted by Professionals

Over 23,000 athletes representing over 1,000 teams around the world rely on Firstbeat Sports.

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The Firstbeat Sports solution is customizable to your needs and budget with a Standard, Premium, and Premium+ offering. Some of the features described on this page are part of the Premium and Premium+ offerings. Please see the offerings page for more detailed information or speak to one of our team.

Why Firstbeat?


We possess the wealth of over 3 million professional athlete records in our database and proven-track record with top winning teams.​

This allows us to provide the most accurate analysis and benchmark references values for Your advantage – both team and individual athlete level!​​

Your benefits​

  • Get insights about the training methods​
  • Improve your methods on individual athlete level​
  • Adapt new strategies to your training programs​
  • Track, adjust and verify to optimize performance​
  • Gain competitive edge over other teams​


Utilize our big data

We’ve got the world’s largest database of professional level physiological metrics from top level athletes.

This data has been collected, verified and processed for over two decades across multiple major sports and leagues, to ensure that you’re getting the most comprehensive information available to succeed.

Your benefits

  • Get insights that help you improve teams results
  • Gain deeper understanding of athlete strenghts
  • Make better-informed decisions to improve performance
  • Get access to data that sets new standards for success

All of the guides below include sport spesific reference values, extracted from Firstbeat big data.

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