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Firstbeat Sports

Optimize training, recovery, and performance with comprehensive physiological analytics.

Bring Focus and Mobility to Coaching

Train and plan with confidence on a team and individual level using HRV-based insights.

Simple set-up – Focus on the session, not the technology

Data that mattersTrack internal and external load in real time and post-analysis

Collect & access everywhere At practice, in the gym, in games, during remote training

Start conversations – Support coaching decisions and athletes with easy-to-share insights

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Optimize Performance

Individualize training based on what works best for each athlete.

Reduce Injury Risk

Manage load and recovery with accurate and instant data.

Fast-Track Athlete Development

Help athletes reach their potential by teaching them how to listen to their bodies.

We deliver to teams in every major sport across the world.

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A solution that serves every part of your monitoring needs

Firstbeat Sports combines the most comprehensive analytics in team sports with a customizable interface to support real-time monitoring, recovery monitoring, performance management, and much more.

The result? Data-driven decisions that support your athletes and team training, recovery, and performance goals.

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Real-time monitoring | Firstbeat Sports

Live training load and intensity data with a reduced workload.

Recovery Monitoring | Firstbeat Sports

Confirm your athletes are ready for practice and game day.

Performance Management | Firstbeat Sports

The most comprehensive performance analytics in team sports.

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The Firstbeat Sports solution is customizable to your needs and budget with a Standard, Premium, and Premium+ offering. Some of the features described on this page are part of the Premium and Premium+ offerings. Please see the offerings page for more detailed information or speak to one of our team.

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