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Sports Standard

12-month subscription for load and recovery management

Billed annually

Firstbeat Sports Standard Software for 12 months
Firstbeat Sports Sensor


  • Real-time training load monitoring
  • Remote data collection
  • Dashboard view for coaches and athletes
  • Automated reports for coaches and athletes


  • Firstbeat Sports Learning Center
  • Standard technical support

Sports Premium

12-month subscription for comprehensive performance analytics

Billed annually

Firstbeat Sports Premium Software for 12 months
Firstbeat Sports Sensor


  • Advanced session management (incl. Lap management)
  • Data export (Summary)
  • Garmin Health API
  • Movement Load and Movement Intensity
  • API with existing industry partners


  • Annual analytics summary
  • Unlimited online user training
  • Premium support and warranty services

Standard Premium Premium+
Real-time training load monitoring Yescheck Yescheck Yescheck
Remote data collection Yescheck Yescheck Yescheck
Dashboard view for coaches and athletes Yescheck Yescheck Yescheck
Automated reports for coaches and athletes Yescheck Yescheck Yescheck
Quick Recovery Test (Individual) Yescheck Yescheck Yescheck
Quick Recovery Test (Group) Yescheck Yescheck
24h stress and sleep analysis Yescheck Yescheck
Training Status Yescheck Yescheck
Data management Yescheck Yescheck
Advanced session management (incl. Lap management) Yescheck Yescheck
Data export (Summary) Yescheck Yescheck
Garmin Health API Yescheck Yescheck
API with existing industry partners Yescheck Yescheck
Movement Load and Movement Intensity Yescheck Yescheck
Data export (Time series) Yescheck
Customized API Yescheck
Heart rate recovery Yescheck

Standard Premium Premium+
Firstbeat Sports Learning Center Yescheck Yescheck Yescheck
Access to educational materials Yescheck Yescheck Yescheck
Technical support Yescheck Yescheck Yescheck
Annual analytics summary Yescheck Yescheck
Customized annual analytics summary based on specific research requests Yescheck
Monthly data quality checks Yescheck
Monthly training load recovery trend reporting Yescheck
Annual case study Yescheck
User training Additionally Organized Unlimited Online Training Bespoke and Unlimited Online Training
Support and warranty services Standard Premium Premium

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Firstbeat Sports Standard

For load and recovery management

This plan is designed for amateur and semi-professional coaches and athletes. Easily manage training load and recovery on both a team and individual level.

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Fast-track athlete development with Firstbeat Sports

Firstbeat Sports Premium

For comprehensive performance analytics

Designed for coaches and teams seeking more detailed performance management. This plan provides a deeper analysis of training sessions and drills including internal and external training load metrics. Data export and API connections allows you to seamlessly integrate the system as a part of your coaching ecosystem.

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Optimize performance with Firstbeat Sports

Firstbeat Sports Premium+

A truly customizable plan suitable for elite-level teams.

If you’re struggling to find the time or resources to dig deeper into key metrics, this plan is the right solution to meet your unique needs.

Take advantage of our in-house sports scientists and access their in-depth knowledge of the system to receive customized reports, analysis, and insights whenever you need it, on the topics that matter most to you.

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Firstbeat Sports Athlete Monitoring and Analytics

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